Gig preview: Cut Out Shapes at The Packhorse, Leeds

Cut Out Shapes
Cut Out Shapes
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Tomorrow evening Leeds/Manchester based Cut Out Shapes finally put on their album launch show, for their self-titled debut album that was released back in April.

Joining the throng of bands not waiting to sign to a label before they put out an album, singer Chris Wood and guitarist Christ Ward have found other band members and are ready to actually start playing gigs.

Up until this point, Cut Out Shapes have just been the two Chrises, starting with guitarist Chris Ward who had previously tried doing it solo, before realising the need for a singer.

“I tried singing and playing myself, but I listened back to it and thought, this isn’t gonna work,” he says.

Thanks to that Cut Out Shapes was born, although they didn’t have a full band, the two had managed to put together demoes and even had an album’s worth of material ready for when they recorded the album – one that was recorded in almost no time at all.

“We recorded the whole thing in 48 hours,” says Ward. “Thankfully Chris is good at drum programming, so I’d send him some stuff and he’d put down a drum track for it. Then we’d send that off to the session drummer, who would practice with us once before we go and record it for real.”

Of the actually session itself, Ward described it as a “stressful” event, which is pretty understandable considering they only had 48 hours to get it done. Now they’re a full band the guys won’t have to be handling everything by themselves. But with a variety of strong session drummers, all with their different styles, finding one who can best replicate their particular nuances live was a problem.

Although the album itself is very cohesive, it wouldn’t go to well if it was a mish mash of slightly off beats. This was something Ward himself was happy about, saying: “We were lucky to have such decent drummers, especially one who’s making it, getting paid much more than what we paid him.”

Although the guys have put out an album, showing their dedication to Cut Out Shapes, Ward did express some concerns to do with making a living out of playing music. Something we all know is getting more and more difficult nowadays. However, it may have been about five years since their inception, but Cut Out Shapes are finally here in proper form, and you should check them out.

Cut Out Shapes play at The Packhorse, Leeds on October 16, doors 7pm. For details visit or

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