Gig preview: Black Star Riders at O2 Academy Leeds

Black Star Riders.
Black Star Riders.
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Scott Gorham is a name renowned through the music industry, as one of the two lead guitarists for Thin Lizzy, and also being responsible for revolutionising lead guitar playing at the same time.

The YEP managed to catch up with Scott when he was in Dresden, Germany to ask him about the latest album ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’, how Thin Lizzy’s ‘rebrand’ to Black Star Riders has gone so far, and what the future was going to hold for the band and fans alike.

“Everything’s going really well at the moment, you know, when you jump or change a brand name like Thin Lizzy, you are taking a leap into the unknown, you don’t really know what’s going to happen,” he says.

“The album is filled with completely brand new songs, and what we can see from the stage as we are playing them to the audience is people have bought the album, and they know the songs. So, half the battle has been won so far.

“Time will tell if we have made the right decision with this transition, but you know, we all feel good about this.

“Thin Lizzy is not dead and gone, by any means, but it’s a good hiatus for us to show what kind of songwriters we are.”

Initial reaction from fans seems to have been that the songs are “Thin Lizzy-esque”, but then Gorham admits some of the tracks were “purpose written” for an intended Thin Lizzy album. “But when we actually thought about it and decided to go under the name of Black Star Riders, the album began to take a shape of its own,” he says.

“We didn’t feel that we were constrained to a certain path with the Lizzy fans, so I guess the chains were thrown off as far as the writing went. When the next album comes along, you will be able to hear what we can do as songwriters without having to sound a certain way.”

The things is, he says, “we do play Lizzy songs in our set, but one thing we are noticing is how young the audience is now, so we are hoping to get some of the younger guys and girls in to us, as well as the older fans that have been with us for years.

“I’m sure there is a hardcore part of the audience that are Thin Lizzy fans, wearing the T-shirts from both bands, so yeah, I think people get what we are doing and why we have done it.”

Black Star Riders play at the O2 Academy Leeds on December 8. For tickets visit

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