Gig preview: Black Moth at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Black Moth
Black Moth
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The eagerly anticipated follow-up album to local legends Black Moth’s The Killing Jar is dropping on Monday.

Three years in the making, after band line-up changes, it’s entitled Condemned To Hope, and it’s going to be a biggie. We managed to catch up with Harriet Bevan for a quick chat about what Black Moth have been up to.

Bevan has been living down in London for the past few years, and is still making the long distance commute work for recording and rehearsals. “I’m still up in Leeds an awful lot. I mean, we wrote and recorded the album last year, so I literally moved back up to Leeds for a few months to focus solidly on Condemned To Hope. Black Moth is still definitely priority number one, but it’s just a case of working the logistics out, really. It’s strange because coming away from Leeds and then going back, it seems like more and more people are aware of the band nowadays, so I do find it a little weird going back.”

Since their inception back in 2010 Black Moth have had line-up changes, which to me, adds or takes away certain sounds and dynamics of the group. “When we started out as Black Moth we had an organ player, but he left so we carried on as a four-piece for a bit, recorded our first album, and then our second guitarist joined.

“I guess that’s just how the family have come together. If you listen to our very first single, the organ was quite dominant, and you know, we did come from like a 60s garage band so the organist was kind of a prominent instrumentalist of that genre, and not to mention that he was a fantastic musician.

“At the time, it seemed like a massive blow when he left, but actually, I think that’s when the band’s sound began to develop because we were guitar-led again and that brought on the heaviness.

“Our sound was kind of stripped down and we could focus on the key instruments a bit more then. You know, in a studio you get to layer your sounds quite a bit so after recording The Killing Jar we wanted to recreate that live, hence Nico from X-ray Cat Trio joining the band as a second guitarist.

“Recording the new album was a completely different process compared to the first. With Condemned To Hope, we didn’t have the luxury of taking along time to write our songs, in fact before we knew it, we had a recording session booked in. I mean it’s such a cliché about the second album being harder, but I didn’t realise it was happening until we were actually recording. We were all having issues of some sort in our personal lives and trying to keep things together, as well as the band you love so much was very difficult. That’s when all of us dropped absolutely everything and heading into the rehearsal studio and wrote the bulk of the latest album in just over a month so it was written under much more intense conditions, but I think it worked really well for us.”

Black Moth launch their album at Brudenell Social Club on September 26.