Gig preview: Asking Alexandria at O2 Academy Leeds

Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria
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Asking Alexandria are nowadays an established name in the rock and metal fields since their humble beginnings back in 2006.

Originally formed in Dubai, UAE, they disbanded and then reformed with different key members in York. Asking Alexandria have released three albums, toured around the world, and reached topped the US indie charts with their album From Death to Destiny.

We managed to catch up with lead guitarist and band founder Ben Bruce before he embarked on the latest tour.

The 22-year-old said the band was refreshed after a break and looking forward to the new shows.

“We spent all summer on tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Korn across the States in the Mayhem Tour, which was a lot of fun, and I have been off since then, so we have had a nice break for a month and a half to two months, and I am literally about to catch a flight to the UK for the first part of our new tour there.

“We are hitting Europe first, then the UK, and then Russia, which will be the first time we have played there – they haven’t let us in over the past five or six years, so we’re quite nervous and excited.”

I was curious to find out what the guys had been up to with their time off.

“We never usually get time off, you know, and if we do it’s only a few days here and 
there, between tours, and sometimes we manage to get a week off.

“So essentially I have been touring for six years, so now that I have had almost two months, I’ve honestly just been sat in my pyjamas, drinking beer and watching television.

“I have been writing for the new album as well, so there has been a little but of productivity there. We will be straight in the studio after we have finished this current tour, which ends just before Christmas, so we are taking a break to spend time with our families, then kick off recording in the new year.

“This time we are spending a lot of time recording the new album, as all of the other albums we were rushing to get them finished, so January we are rehearsing and preparing, and then in February we will start the actual recording.

“We should be working on that until June, hopefully, when we are starting touring again.”

Due to pass through Leeds in November, I wanted to know Ben’s thoughts on the recent closure of The Cockpit. “I don’t think we ever managed to play there. Although I have been there as a customer, we actually skipped playing there. It’s such a shame.”

Asking Alexandria play at O2 Academy Leeds on November 1.

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