Gig preview: Anathema at Leeds Minster

Anathema. Picture: Scarlet Page
Anathema. Picture: Scarlet Page
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Anathema are coming to Leeds with a show that, not only will be an acoustic performance, but also they will be the first band to play a show in Leeds Minster.

This UK cathedral tour in itself will be a tour to remember with only a few dates booked in around the country, it certainly would be a shame to miss them especially after their critically acclaimed album ‘Distant Satellites’ released last year. We were lucky enough to catch up with Vinnie at home in Paris before the tour got underway.

“We have been playing acoustically for a couple of years now in various guises, we’ve played with string quartets, played with just a single cello player, we’ve played as a duo which was just Danny and myself, we have played as a full band acoustically, and now we kind of have this best of all worlds approach where by we use loop pedals to program rhythms and bass lines, so we actually end up sounding like an ambient band, you know, even though most of it is coming from Danny’s guitar.

“My guitar sounds a bit like an organ or a keyboard, you also have the three voices, and on this tour we are going to have a bit of cello, and also a little bit of percussion as well, so it is going to sound pretty full on.

“We have played some great churches in the past and I think, especially places like Union Chapel in London which we played four or five years ago, they really opened things up for us for this cathedral run.

“We did Gloucester Cathedral last year as a tester really to see how it would go, and it went down really well, it sold out and it was a great night and big success.

I wanted to know how the band coped with the dramatic change in the acoustic sounds comparing clubs and venues to cathedrals.

“We have a company thats used to this kind of event, and we are using them on this tour as well. Obviously there are speakers all the way to the back of each venue, to ensure that everyone gets the best sonic quality, but you still have the natural reverb from the cathedral archways and the room itself, so everything sounds beautiful.”

Anathema play Leeds Minster on March 4, with doors opening at 6.45pm. For details visit