Festival preview: Wolf Alice at Leeds Festival

Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice
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Speaking to Ellie Roswell on the day of Wolf Alice’s Glastonbury appearance, she is clearly anxious.

The young frontwoman of one of Britain’s hottest new rock bands is currently riding at number two on the UK charts, not to mention claiming the number one slot on the indie releases.

Despite all the press attention her otherwise all-male band has got recently, Roswell says that the prospects of their debut album, My Love Is Cool, charting has gone over her head. “I tried not to think about it too much. I didn’t really expect anything; I’m surprised, definitely, and really happy. I don’t really know what the midweeks mean. I think in a couple of weeks after the album is released it will be more in my head, but at the minute I’m just enjoying it.”

Wolf Alice began life quite folk-oriented. As time went on they shifted more towards a straight rock sound. However, both distinct sounds can be heard on the new record, but Roswell says the band was careful to get the blend just right. “I think, because we recorded them all at the same time in the same studio with the same producer, there’s always going to be something similar running through the tracks. We tried to link them together and put them in a good order, whilst they’re quite varied, I think it’s pretty apparent that it’s the same band, throughout.” 
This is one band that seems to have been constantly on the road. Many Live at Leeds attendees will remember Wolf Alice storming the festival in 2014, and this year will see them return to the city to play the biggest festival of them all, Leeds Festival.

Many artists talk of the highs and lows of festivals, but what is Roswell’s take on them? “They’re so different it’s hard to really generalise, but I think they’re quite hard because you’ve got to really grab the attention of people who don’t know you and win them over. Also, in a technical side they’re all different – it can be quite hard not having a soundcheck and going straight on stage. Most of the time it’s good fun and you don’t think about it too much; just try and stick around and put on a good show.”

Wolf Alice play on the NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage at Leeds Festival on Sunday, August 30. For details visit www.leedsfestival.com