Conspirators plot world domination

There's a fair smattering of people queueing in the street in the freezing cold outside the HMV store in Leeds city centre to see York-based newcomers The Conspirators celebrating launch their double A-side debut single One Sure Thing/Take Me To Your Leader which feature Judy Dyble from Fairport Convention.

You may not have heard too much about The Conspirators because, as their enthusiastic manager Jon explains, they decided to keep things low key and local, and get the single recorded and out there before there was any hype around the band built up.

Despite this, they've already built up plenty of support in North Yorkshire, York and Harrogate.

Their recent gig at the Town Hall in Bedale (the band's hometown) swiftly sold out, – "it was 100 over capacity" beams their manager Jon.

Performing in store the band add a glimmer of glamour to a drab Monday night.

Singer Genevieve Parkin looks happily confident, and treats the metallic steps that make up the band's stage like a trampoline as she jumps all over the place, clearly having the time of her life.

The band rock through a sprightly carefree set of songs, complete with some big powerpop riffs, particularly on the speedy Robots – which has got to be earmarked for the next single – and Turning Green. Both songs could give The Wombats a run for their money in the catchy pop-rock department.

However, it's the heartbreak of the slower single One Sure Thing, with the added vocals of star guest and original Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble, which really hits home when played live.

After the crowd have got their clammy hands on the single and got it signed, I chat briefly to the band.

Along with singer Parkin, The Conspirators are John Gillies on guitar, Nathan Reeves on bass, Darren Banner on lead guitar, and Laura Goodacre on drums.

"It all started in a kebab shop", claims Darren initially.

"Darren's a liar and everything he says is untrue," counters John. "We actually got together a year and 3 months ago." "We got together in October 2006," explains Laura, "although Nathan came along a bit later. Most of the band knew each other already and they found me on the internet."

"We got together and started making some tunes, and before we realised it we're releasing our first single.'

The decision on the single came about pretty quickly, as John explains.

"When we got together with Judy (Dyble, their guest singer) the song worked out with her quite well, so One Sure Thing was a fairly obvious choice. We recorded it, played about with it, and it went from there."

"When Judy heard it for the first time she said it was very fast."

"There's another side to us, we're not all about fast and upbeat," adds Laura. "We can chill things out a bit"

The band seem quite surprised by how fast things have happened for them, and how they've managed to get to the point of releasing a single in just over a year. "We seem to have a way of progressing with our music." says Laura. "You roll with the punches, and take your chances, and you see what happens. It's all very natural and organic."

"We have a secret plot to take over the world!" exclaims John.

Next on the agenda for The Conspirators is an album.

"We wanna do an album this year really, although we haven't really gone into that side of things yet," adds John. "We need to write a few more songs – maybe a classic if we can – but we're releasing another single soon."

The Conspirators single One Sure Thing/Take Me To Your Leader is out now on Transcend Records.

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