BREAKING: A welcome return home for The Cribs

The Cribs.
The Cribs.
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IT’S A Sunday night in cold, cold March and there’s a queue outside the Brudenell a mile long. Only the Cribs inspire such devotion.

The band had chosen the site of their first ever gig to launch their sixth record, For All My Sisters and predictably the venue is rammed to the rafters as the band’s legion of fiercely loyal fans cram in for this rare intimate show.

Naturally much of the set is drawn from the new record (it is a launch show after all), a mixture of the more pop-orientated sound they explored on the Man Needs, Womens Needs, Whatever...record, still their best seller.

Opener An Ivory Hand is driven by a Beach Boys-esque melody and a keyboard riff while second track Different Angle is trademark Cribs, with a soaring chorus and vocal line.

The older tracks like Hey Scenesters and Mans Needs get the whole venue bouncing but an ad-libbed rendition of another new song, Secret Story, provides a wonderful fragile moment.

Gary cracks the audience up with stories of hanging with Hanson and the advice they gave him on being in a band of brothers. He also snubs the much-hyped SXSW Festival in Texas by saying how much better it is to play in Leeds (playing to the crowd naturally).

For my part it’s my 12th time seeing Wakefield’s finest.

I have seen them play in from of 50,000 at Glastonbury but never in a venue so small. It’s these environments that The Cribs thrive in, up-close-and personal with their fans.

They have never let me down and never will.