Album review: Warpaint by Warpaint

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Discussing the LA indie rock group’s second album with an American website, guitarist and vocalist Theresa Wayman declared it “more stripped-back and straightforward but also

Certainly this disc is more psychedelic and in places dub-orientated than their much feted debut, released in 2010. Bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg’s claim that “it’s a little bit more accessible to your ears” is harder to substantiate, however.

There are precious few hooks here and little in the way of standout melodies. Rather the all-female four-piece favour dreamy washes of sound and tracks that at times seem barely there.

Only lead single Love is to Die has anything in the way of a conventional chorus and its blank refrain of “Love is to die/Love is to not die/Love is to dance” barely lifts the song from its minor chord torpor.

Warpaint’s prettier passages echo the Cocteau Twins but the the 4AD trio’s music always had Liz Fraser’s outstandingly emotive vocals at its core. Other precedents perhaps are 90s shoegazing band Slowdive, while the dub bass lines bring to mind Tessa Pollit’s work for The Slits.

The deeper you go into this record, it does yield interesting chord changes and experimental touches, but those seeking memorable songs will be disappointed.

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