Album review: The Thin Line by Heather Peace

The Thin Line by Heather Peace
The Thin Line by Heather Peace
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After releasing her first album, playing several sell out tours and sharing the stage with the likes of Brian May, now The Thin Line is her second album is about to be released.

Sonically the album starts off pretty sombre with the title track Thin Line. While there are tales of love and sex, and the state of the world weaved into the first several songs, the first four songs come cross as a little too dry.

From then on the album wakes up a little bit. In general the compositions become much more engaging, with a track like Forever Drowning seeming perfect for radio, and We Can Change is definitely the stand out track of the album, showing her inner soul and funk.

However it’s Heather Peace’s very stylish, heavy voice, along with her piano playing seems to hold the album down, with Lily being the song where Heather Peace’s piano playing really shines. All in all this is a decent enough album, which will keep old fans happy, and there’s enough there to attract some new fans out there.

Heather Peace’s new album The Thin Line and its first single We Can Change are out now. Go to for more info and full tour updates.

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