Album review: The Brink by The Jezabels

The Brink by The Jezabels
The Brink by The Jezabels
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Australian group The Jezabels have just released their sophomore album, The Brink. Their first album, Prisoner, won then numerous accolades and cemented them as one of Australia’s foremost rock bands.

Touring with the likes of Garbage and Depeche Mode just confirmed their ability as both musicians and performers. The album’s opening song, The Brink, is very reminiscent of The Pretenders, as vocalist Hayley Mary incorporates that mix of gusty-ness and vulnerability into her singing style that Chrissie Hynde made famous with songs like Back on the Chain Gang.

From the moment the first song kicks in, it becomes clear that The Brink is going to be an album filled with angst and heartache

The final song, the ballad All You Need, seems almost inevitable as the album progresses. It is, none the less, a fine way to close this 10 track vignette.

The group’s song writing abilities are not dissimilar to that of Abba’s, just presented in a heavier, rawer form. The most memorable track is certainly Time To Dance.

Showcasing each of the quartet’s skills as players, Mary’s vocals stretch to her very limit as the song’s climax approaches, while the R&B type chorus is still playing in your head three songs later. Their self-proclaimed sound of ‘intensindie’ has never been better defined as it is on The Brink.

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