Album review: Lucid Dreaming by Say Lou Lou

Say Lou Lou
Say Lou Lou
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Those who attended last year’s Live at Leeds may remember Say Lou Lou sweeping into the Belgrave Music Hall to play a headline set of their chic, elegant electronica.

The electro pop duo, comprising of Australian/Swedish twin sisters Miranda and Elektra Kilbey, have been accumulating quite a cult following all over Europe since the release of their single, Julian. Sonically alluring and visually striking – photo shoots for Vogue included – their début album, Lucid Dreaming, has been eagerly awaited by underground music lovers, everywhere.

This record kicks off with a string of strong tracks. Opening with the Japanese-styled Everything We Touch, which was released as a single last year, the album begins with a familiar and solid start. The mesmerising Glitter follows; a luscious disco track, which sounds like it was taken directly from Studio 54’s turntable.

Thankfully, their finest single, Julian, made the cut, and showcases the sisters’ incredible, telepathic harmonies; as does Hard For a Man, one of their most lyrically mature compositions.

The Kate Bush influence is evident in Nothing But a Heartbeat, while the record’s closer, Skylight, is reminiscent of a post-millennial Garbage.

However, this dreamy and sultry brand of European electropop can be a curse as well as a gift. Each song on Lucid Dreaming is a stand-out, but when strung together into an 11 track piece, it has the effect of becoming a touch dreary, which was always going to pose a potential threat to this band’s music.

That being said, Lucid Dreaming is nonetheless a solid first attempt. This stylish and retro record is a perfect piece of escapism – just dim the lights and let Say Lou Lou whisk you away for 45 minutes into an ethereal and gracious hallucination.