Album review: Kickback City by Rory Gallagher

Kickback City by Rory Gallagher
Kickback City by Rory Gallagher
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Eighteen years after his premature demise, Irish blues-rock singer and guitarist Rory Gallagher continues to inspire great affection.

Kickback City is the latest in a string of posthumous releases but is arguably the most imaginative.

Drawing on Gallagher’s passion from crime novels, this triple CD comes housed in a hardback book that includes The Lie Factory, a new novella by bestselling author Ian Rankin, illustrations by DC Comics graphic artist Timothy Truman and audio book version narrated by Hollywood actor Aidan Quinn.

Gallagher’s songs include the feisty boogie Continental Op, the rousing Big Guns and the Hammond organ-driven B Girl with lyrics inspired by the crime noir novels of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

Rankin, a fan of Gallagher’s who was approached to contribute to this project by the late guitarist’s brother Donal, provides a typically hard-bitten gumshoe tale of cigarettes, whiskey, glamorous women and dastardly deeds, splendidly illustrated by Truman. There’s also a set of four ‘scenes of crime’ postcards.

A highly impressive package put together with real care and attention.