Meet the Yorkshire woman stripping off on tonight’s Naked Beach

This is the woman from Yorkshire who is bravely stripping off on national telly in a new programme where contestants are encouraged to bare all.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 9:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 9:29 pm
This is the woman from Yorkshire who is bravely stripping off on national telly in a new programme where contestants are encouraged to bare all.

Danielle Broadbent, 35, from Wrose in Bradford, will be appearing on tonight’s new Channel 4 programme Naked Beach.

The show pairs contestants with issues about their body with a host who is completely body confident - and also completely naked.

The idea behind the show is based on research by Dr Keon West which shows that spending time with a range of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes, rather than picture-perfect ones, can improve body image, self-esteem and life happiness.

Danielle Broadbent, 35, is appearing on Channel 4's Naked Beach. Photo credit: Plank PR

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Dr West wants to see if the same principles can be used to help transform the way body-conscious Brits feel about themselves.

After four days of being pushed out of their comfort zones and their clothes, the guests face the ultimate challenge - to join the hosts and bare all on Naked Beach.

Danielle, who still works in telesales, went on the show to battle with years of confidence issues relating to her size.

She said: “I had insecurities about being a bigger girl but I’d never really spoken about it. I just buried it and buried it so when I went on the show and it all came out, it was a very emotional process.

Danielle Broadbent, 35, is appearing on Channel 4's Naked Beach. Photo credit: Plank PR

“Clothing stores were a big pressure for me. I’d go shopping with friends and think I was disgusting because they could shop in Topshop but I couldn’t because they only did up to a size 16.

“I thought I had to change myself. So every Monday I’d be back on a diet thinking I had to change my body to be perfect.”

Despite that, it wasn’t an easy decision for the mother-of-two to appear on the show and she did have serious doubts before she jetted off to the Greek island where the show is filmed.

She recalls doing a body confidence test in London for the show and ringing her partner Mike in panic.

She said: “I rang him and told him I wasn’t sure about it. It seemed so daunting and very intense but he told me that it could push me to be more confident within myself.

“I realised that the show could finally allow me to see myself the way he does and how my friends do. I had to give it a go.”

As well as herself, Miss Broadbent knew she wanted to do it for other women and young people out there, including her 14-year-old daughter Alicia.

She said: “I have a 14-year-old daughter, Alicia, who is influenced by social media and there is so much pressure on these sites to look a certain way. It’s not healthy for anyone’s bodies or minds.

“She played a massive factor in signing up to the show. I thought she might not like it and I worried about whether she would mind it but we watched the first show together and she loved it.

“I’ve heard her and her friends talk about getting things like bum implants and I think shows like this are important for showing it’s about being happy in yourself, not getting the perfect bum.

“What’s the perfect bum anyway? If you’re happy with your bum who is anyone else to tell you it’s not perfect?”

In each episode three ‘guests’ with critically low body image jet off to a sunny Greek retreat to live with a group of unclothed, body confident ‘hosts’ who have little more than elaborately designed body paint to cover their modesty.

On the show, Danielle was greeted by the eight different naked hosts and was ‘over the moon’ when she was paired with plus-sized model Felicity Hayward.

She said as soon as she saw the model, she knew she had made the right decision and called Felicity one of her ‘inspirations' for what she has done for plus size women.

Since the show - which Danielle was unable to go into too much detail about as it airs this evening (Thursday) at 8pm - she and Felicity have remained firm friends after ‘bonding’ during the filming.

Danielle now describes her as a ‘friend’ and, having got so used to her nakedness, finds it strange to finally see her with her clothes on.

Not only is Danielle grateful for this friendship, but she credits the show with transforming not only her relationship with her body but her life.

She said: “It has been life-changing. It was the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life.

“It was very hard to do but the positive influences around us made it fun. If I could go back and be a host next year I would.”

She has now started to design her own curve clothing collection in collaboration with local Yorkshire designers to make sure other women have access to fashionable clothing.

She said: “The show inspired me and gave me the confidence to create my own line of clothing.

“I hope that it inspires lots of people to believe in themselves and be happy in their own skin.

“None of us need to start changing ourselves. We have to be happy in ourselves. I think the show proves that.”

Naked Beach is on tonight (Thursday) at 8pm on Channel 4.