Leeds rapper Graft collaborates with Reebok and MTV on inspirational new campaign featuring Chapeltown

The Leeds rapper features in the third installment of the new campaign supported by Reebok and MTV.

By Abi Whistance
Monday, 16th May 2022, 12:19 pm

In partnership with MTV, Reebok has released the final part of a three-episode digital series titled “My City, My Sound” which features the inspirational rapper and ex-footballer Graft as he tours through his hometown of Chapeltown in Leeds.

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The film is the third in a series which has explored the unique style and inspiring stories of individuals in France (Marseille), Germany (Leipzig) and the UK (Leeds), highlighting artists who are transforming their communities through music, dance, sport, and activism.

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The film follows Graft as he showcases one of Britain’s oldest black communities: Chapeltown.

Graft’s specific northern twang style of rap saw him be crowned the winner of BBC3’s Rap Game. Through his eyes the film explores his hometown in the heart of Leeds and feature him detailing his early life and the people who have had the greatest impact on him as a man and musician.

Historically viewed as an undesirable area to many, Chapeltown has seen a rise in popularity.

Graft said of his hometown: “Chapeltown has its own musical identity with sounds like grime, rap, bassline, house, garage, reggae, R&B, dancehall and bashment. Being around these genres of music and Caribbean culture from an early age has really influenced me as a person as well as an artist.

The film follows Graft as he showcases one of Britain’s oldest black communities: Chapeltown. Photo: Reebok

“My personal manifesto is very much about the unlimited potential of life. Whether that be; musically, financially, spiritually or physically, I am motivated by the endless possibilities of life.

"Collaborating with Reebok and MTV aligns with my manifesto, because it's three brands coming together creating a sufficient and memorable impact. Although Graft (GCO), my brand, is the smallest out of the three at present, collaborations like this are the building blocks to help formulate my brand in becoming one of the biggest brands in the world! Grafter's Collective Only.”

My City My Sound

Across each of the episodes, Reebok walks and talks with the featured protagonist through their city as they discuss the community that has shaped them as individuals and artists.

The short-form episodes tell the dynamic stories of inspiring individuals who choose to push boundaries and actively pursue their dreams.

The first episode featured Marseille and the incredibly talented Alice Masa, a stylist, dancer and self-confessed twerk master.

The second introduced Milla, DJ and member of Girls Can Skate, a collective for women and non-binary people to skate in Leipzig.

This co-created content reflects Reebok and MTV’s core values of embracing talent who think big, chase their dreams, whilst bringing change to the world around them.