Film interview: Edgar Wright

Film director Edgar Wright (centre) with Jonathan Ross and comedienne Jessica Hynes.
Film director Edgar Wright (centre) with Jonathan Ross and comedienne Jessica Hynes.
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Writer, prod-ucer and director Edgar Wright, 39, has led some of the best loved comedy projects of the past few years, including Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He talks about his new DVD release The World’s End.

For me, Simon Pegg gave his best performance in The World’s End – it’s nice to see him less restrained than in your previous movies.

Yeah, I’d agree with that. I think he’s amazing in it.

Simon is a great actor. What’s funny is that, in the 
first two movies, he’s maybe been too generous by giving 
the wild parts to other people.

In Shaun of the Dead he plays the everyman, and in Hot Fuzz he almost plays the straight man, so in this one 
he wanted to play the wild man.

Nick Frost is also on good form – is it just a case of sit back and let him do his thing?

Well we wrote the script and rehearsed it, so we very much discuss where we wanted to go.

The soundtrack is great, not least the Doors’ version of Alabama Song - did it cost a lot for the rights?

Yes and no. Not inexpensive, but also one of their lesser known tracks.

I love that song as well. At one point we were toying with having the David Bowie version as well, but we ended up just using The Doors.

The end of the movie is bizarre – like a waking dream.

That’s a good way to see it. I like that.

It’s funny, I never tire of watching the epilogue.

It’s nice in the final five minutes of the film to go into a different world.

Commentaries for your films are always good fun – what can we expect on The World’s End?

Simon and I have done one, which is very informative, and then I did one with Bill Pope, the cinematographer, which was like a technical track.

Then there’s a cast commentary, which is very silly.

Are you and Simon going to let Nick play in your screenwriting sandbox next time?

We talked about it with this one actually, because Nick had co-written ‘Paul’ with Simon. We wanted to keep it the same for these three films, but now that this (Cornetto) trilogy is complete, absolutely we could, yeah.

Is there almost a psychic link between you, Simon and Nick because you’ve been working together for so long?

We just agree on a lot of things and we work together very well.

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