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Alexandra Daddario.
Alexandra Daddario.
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Alexandra Daddario, 28, rose to fame in Law & Order, and the Percy Jackson movies, before starring in True Detective.

When she first got the script for True Detective she said she was impressed: “I knew that it was an amazing project just from what I read at the audition, and finally getting the whole script was pretty amazing.

“I actually didn’t read the last four episodes until the show started to air. I wanted to watch the show along with everyone else, and then once I started watching the show, I had to know what was happening, and then I started to read it.

“It’s a brilliant, brilliant script, and it’s just like one big, long movie.

“Everyone involved knew that it was something really unique. Cary (Fukunaga) is a remarkable director, and all the actors... it felt like a perfect storm of talent. People came together and made something really incredible.

As court reporter Lisa Tragnetti, Daddario had to get intimate with Detective Hart played by Woody Harrelson,

“It was a very weird thing to think about doing... but he’s Woody Harrelson. There’s something really charming about him. With an actor like that, he’s been there, done that; he knows how to make you feel comfortable. It’s nothing new to him. I’d never really done anything like that before. It’s a closed set but even then you still don’t realise how many people are around you.

“You don’t notice until you’re naked I guess . I tried not to think about it too much,”

Daddario says she didn’t have to work too hard to get in shape. “It was very strange because I actually did not pay that much attention to losing weight or getting in shape before that scene.

“I think because I was so nervous instead of just flat-out eating... I try to stay active and that kind of thing, but I didn’t fixate a lot on the weight.

“My first concern was the role and the lines. For the movie I’m doing now [San Andreas], it’s the same [preparation] as the Percy Jackson movies; I’m physically active and really focusing on getting more muscle and getting in better shape because of the action required.

San Andreas is being filmed in Australia: “It’s extremely cool. I’ve not started shooting yet, but I’ve been on set a couple of times and done some off-camera stuff, and have a very rigorous workout schedule, some of which is self-imposed.

“I’m just having a great time. It’s a huge movie, and it’s so cool to see the sets. I’m really quite excited.

True Detective is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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