Twenty events not to miss at Leeds International Festival 2019

Leeds International Festival starts today.
Leeds International Festival starts today.
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From Frank Bruno to debates about what it means to be human, there is a vast range of events taking place throughout the Leeds International Festival.

Here are 20 events to get you talking, thinking, seeing and doing.

1. The Northern-Lands

One of two opening events, the one day summit brings together the people creating the data economy to explore the diversity, untapped value and potential for innovation.

May 2, Munro House, 10am.

2. Tender Balance

A choreographed dance, video and sound installation explores the effects of illness and disability on masculinity and femininity.

May 2, Victoria Leeds, 10am.

3. Falling Light

Art installation created by design studio Flat-e with original music by electronic musician Daniel Avery.

May 2, Corn Exchange, 8.30pm.

4. Blaque-xplosion

A day of discussion and celebration showcasing the richness and vibrancy of Leeds' Black British culture. Speakers include Frank Bruno, JoJo from Capital and Jermain Jackman.

May 3, L19 Cube, The Tetley, 12pm.

5. Unconference

The largest free music event in the north of England. A day of panels, workshops, presentations and networking for those working in, or aspiring to be, in the music industry.

May 3, The Wardrobe, 10am.

6. Re-Wire

An interactive game, in conjunction with Machina Ex and Transform 19, where the future of the city is in your hands.

May 4, Various locations.

7. Crazy P

A one-off day and night party with disco, electronic and shimmering pop moments and local performers such as Brudenell Groove and the Hyde House collective.

May 4, L19 Cube, The Tetley, 2pm.

8. All That Lives Feasts

Uniting Leeds and Mexico for a food and art based celebration. Raise a glass of Mezcal as tuck into a menu of the best of Leeds and Mexico while artists from Mexico's Faro de Oriente and Leeds' Ellie Harrison collaborate.

May 6, Merrion Centre, various times.

9. What The F*ture

Elmwood Design Agency and Contagious magazine look at the ever-changing world of branding and what brands need to do to succeed on today's disrupted world.

May 7, L19 Cube, The Tetley, 5.30pm.

10. How to Slow Down Time

We never seem to have enough time – yet some would say time is a human construct and isn’t even real in the first place. Dr. Steve Taylor suggests we don’t need to feel oppressed by time; it is possible for us to slow down and even to transcend time altogether in our lives.

May 7, Old Broadcasting House, 6pm.

11. What's Eating Reality?

Forum exploring how digital art can be used to examine issues around food justice. It will activate audiences, and question whether using creative projects to highlight inequality in the global food system can lead to changes in policy and public opinion.

May 7, Sheaf Street, 5.30pm.

12. Facing Brave: Women take on the acid-throwers

Bradford doctor Almas Ahmed will share the story of how she chose to confront the scourge of acid attacks by becoming the inventor of the world’s first acid-proof make-up.

May 7, L19 Cube, The Tetley, 8pm.

13. The Sunday Practise Film Club

Screenings of five short poetry-related films commissioned by the BBC, roundhouse and other reputable organisations. Each of the shorts either feature, or have been directed by, Northern talent.

May 8, Leeds Central Library, 5pm.

14. Is Pain Real?

We doubt the existence of pain in another person when we cannot see tissue damage, or physical evidence of suffering. Join Professor Mark Johnson on a journey into the peculiar, perplexing and paradoxical world of pain.

May 8, Discovery Zone, 5pm.

15. John Cooper Clarke: The Luckiest Guy Alive

An evening of punk poetry alongside riffs, gags and hilarious anecdotes from the legendary “people’s poet”, John Cooper Clarke.

May 8, L19 Cube, 8pm.

16. Talkin’ ’bout my generation

Theatre production devised to explore what it means to be an older person in today’s society with participants from the CINAGE Live performing arts course (ages ranging from 62-89 years).

May 8, Mill Hill Chapel, 6pm.

17. The Incredible Human Journey – Professor Alice Roberts

Professor Alice Roberts explores the latest insights into the colonisation of the globe by our ancient forebears.

May 9, L19 Cube, 4.30pm.

18. Leeds Needs Help: A Council In Session

If you’ve ever felt lost, broken by the modern world, or just got really annoyed on the inner ring road, Leeds Needs Help promises to solve all or none of these issues. A one-off evening of sketches, stand-up, lip-syncs and town-planning.

May 9, Sheaf Street, 7.30pm.

19. Sport 2.0

A close look at the many ways technology is now making the difference between winning and losing for the world’s best athletes.

May 10, L19 Cube, 10am-4pm.

20. Get Into Gaming

The UK games industry is worth more than £5bn, and a staggering 9 per cent of the games industry is based here. Hear from experienced industry experts about some of the jobs available in the industry and what they involve on a day-to-day basis.

May 11, L19 Cube, 11am.