Trudy and the Romance: ‘I want to bring beauty and a heck of a time for people’

Trudy and the Romance
Trudy and the Romance
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Liverpool’s Trudy and The Romance play Wharf Chambers in Leeds on May 24. Expect beauty and a heck of a time for the people as front man Olly Taylor discusses the upcoming gig.

You’ve been touted as ‘The Beatles for Millennials’ more so probably for your Liverpudlian connection, but I see you more as a part of the new wave of British Americana in the vein of the current Arctic Monkeys sound. How would you describe the band?

That’s wonderful, thanks, those bands have played a big role in my life.

To describe the band from the things I dig: I love The Flamingos and their melancholic 50s doo-wop, Brian Wilson and John Lennon’s pure, rich and raw pop song-writing. Bernard Herrmann, Henry Mancini and the Disney golden age film-scores. The Shangri-Las and The Strokes dance-floor adolescent garage music. Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman, and Paul Simon’s fairytale alligator rock ’n’ roll and story telling. And Jonathan Richman’s great sense of humour and heart.

What were you influences growing up in Liverpool, not necessarily musical but the city itself or venues you may have attended that made you want to form a band?

I was fortunate to be able to pick up my Dad’s guitars growing up, and learnt riffs and chords alongside my school friends. I remember listening to a lot of music on my iPod when I was 16. I lived in my own little world, and took onboard a lot of my influences in private.

I grew up in Chesterfield and played in a band called Less Obvious Vibe Effect (with Brad Stank), and Trudy Sings the Blues. This is where I started to write songs. It was a wonderful age for a one-track mind and I was lucky to have a pretty stubborn sense of confidence in myself.

Coming from a long lineage of Liverpudlian bands, who are the ones to look out for at present and who have you enjoyed performing with on tour?

I’m beginning to know some great new bands in Liverpool and getting to know some lovely new faces around town. But I’d like to shout out my fellow Original Doo-Wop Spacemen on the Sandman record. Keep an eye out for Brad Stank, Terry Venomous and Strawberry Guy.

You’ll be heading to Leeds to play the Indie Banquet at Wharf Chambers on May 24. Have you played in Leeds before and what can people expect from your gig?

We have! Leeds holds a very special place in my heart. I studied in Leeds so I’ll get to see my friends from University. I was a wild goofball in those days and I really miss them a lot.

The Brudenell Social Club is an amazing venue, I lived over the road from it and the Hyde Park Picture House. We are now a six-piece rock opera. I want to bring beauty and a heck of a time for people.

You’ve been releasing a handful of songs recently alongside some videos with some quite trippy visuals and sometimes animation in the mix. Who decides on these concepts and are the band heavily involved in the design and development of them?

I jam ideas over the phone with the directors Homer & Farley. Those calls always brighten up my day, out of nowhere there is an idea and we’re all dead excited about it. They’d do all the hard slog and I just turn up like a famous actor. I acted along side my sweetheart in ‘The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen’ video and the almighty Thunderpuss animated in the Doghouse video.

Where did the band name come from and were there any discarded names or previous bands you were in before this?

We are now Trudy and the Romance. We were Trudy. And were very nearly Trudy Baby and the Bang Bang Sharks.

When is the album due to be released and what will the album be called?

The album is called Sandman. The slick nightmarish Sandman character recurs throughout the record, it’s Little Johnny’s shadow throughout the albums tale. The album will be on the racks physically and digitally on May 24.

If you could pick just one album that you would record and entire cover version of what would it be?

The Beach Boys Today! I love the songs and spirit of this album. It’s a great change from their work before and it paved the way for Pet Sounds. I reckon we could do a good job of it too.

Vinyl has had an incredible uptake again in the past 10 years. Will you be releasing your album on vinyl and are there any record shops in Liverpool that you champion?

Yes, we will, having it there physically makes it all worth while. I don’t have the money to become a collector though, so I hardly ever buy them.

The Jacaranda has a record cafe where you can get in a booth and put records on. They’ve got speakers in the seats. Our Liverpool show at Phase One is the Jacarandas other new venue, they sell records there too, so you can shop at the party.

What are your touring plans for the rest of the year? Will you be playing at any festivals this year and which is your favourite festival?

At the moment we are heading to play I believe three festivals in Germany which is exciting. Maybe the album will put more on the cards, I hope so as I need to take my girlfriend on holiday.

Growing up I’d go to YNOT festival with my school friends and family just about every year. We played Green Man last year and it’s pretty dreamy there.

I’d love to get to Glastonbury sometime in my life, I think I’ll wait until I’m a family man. Love from the junkyard!