Meet the Art Doctors in Leeds Gallery

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Art doctors will be in Leeds Art Gallery this month, in a bid to ‘break down barriers’ that may stop people from finding their inner artist.

Artist duo Alison McIntyre and Liz Stirling will take over the Headrow gallery for a day, to encourage people to embrace contemporary art.

As part of the project, Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art, the Art Doctors will invite visitors to explore the gallery in unusual ways.

They will challenge perceived conventions in such a setting, from laughing and talking, to removing footwear.

There will also be creative activities in response to art works.

Originally a commission for the British Art Show 8, the project sees the Art Doctors engage in playful consultations and dress in paint-splattered lab coats.

They talk to individuals about their ideas and experiences, with a view to prescribing contemporary art. They may offer prompt cards, ask questions, or proffer a cushion or blanket in case the art ‘patient’ becomes overwhelmed.

The take-over day takes place from 11am to 4pm on November 24. It is funded by Leeds Inspired and supported by East Street Arts and Leeds Art Gallery.

It is all part of a wider engagement with diverse groups in Leeds, opening up contemporary art organisations and functions in the city.

The project will culminate in a Leeds exhibition in April, 2019, and a toolkit to help people enjoy contemporary art.

Alison McIntyre said: “We see art as a spark for bigger conversations and are excited by the prospect of creating a day where visitors can respond to the gallery and the work contained within it in different ways.”