10 vital things you will forget to take to Leeds Festival 2019

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

With the Leeds Festival kicking off this weekend, don’t forget to pack these vital items.

From an air bed to toilet roll and wet wipes, these will all come in handy at the Leeds Festival this weekend.

A4 size bag

Anything bigger than an A4 size bag won’t be allowed in the festival so remember to pack a small backpack or handbag for during the day.


One thing that many people may forget, especially if you look over 25, but it’s best to bring ID just in case.

An air bed

If you’re camping for a few days and want to be relatively comfortable, an air bed is a great thing to have.


Some bars will operate on a cash only basis so remember and visit a cash machine as the ones on-site will charge a small fee. An on-site Co-op will accept card transactions if you forget any essentials.

Phone charger

If you want to keep taking pictures, message or phone friends for meeting spots and post to social media you’ll need a fully charged phone, so remember a portable charger. If you don’t have one, you can pre-order one from Charge Candy for £15.95 for five days.

Biodegradable wipes

You’ll want to pack these as they’ll become your best friend over the weekend, for washing, feeling fresh and in place of loo roll.

Loo roll

Speaking of which, you might want to consider packing a loo roll as inevitably there won’t be any when you need it.

Extra socks

You’ll never really have enough pairs of socks, especially if it rains and your feet get soaked. So pack a couple of extra pairs just in case.


On the other hand, if it turns out sunny (which the weather forecast suggests it will be – hello late summer heatwave) then you don’t want to be the person that looks more like a lobster than anything else, so pack some sunscreen and be prepared. 

Reusable bottle

There are water points dotted all over the festival arena and campsite so remember a reusable bottle and stay hydrated without creating plastic waste.