Bongo's Bingo is holding SIX dates in Leeds next month - here's what to expect on the mad night out

An outrageous version of traditional bingo is headed to Leeds this March, complete with raves, dance-offs and a plethora of prizes to be won.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 2:41 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd February 2019, 2:42 pm
Hailed as a "crazy rave bingo" the event comprises raves, dance-offs and a plethora of prizes

Hailed as a "crazy rave bingo" the hugely popular event has flipped the number crossing game on its head to create a wild night of gaming and dance.

What is Bongo's Bingo?

A far cry from blotting out numbers on a playing card, this version of bingo is much more wild.

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Big cash prizes are up for grabs, along with more random items, like a celeb cardboard cut out

First launched in Liverpool in 2015, the raucous event has since grown in popularity and is now popping up in a wealth of locations across the UK - including six dates in Leeds throughout March.

Those who attend are told to expect "an insane mix of a live show, a rave and heads-down bingo, with dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, lots of audience participation and countless anthems throughout the night."

How does the game work?

In each game, players have three chances to win.

The game consists of six hours, each with three lines, and the first prize can be won when all the numbers in one horizontal row are called out.

The second prize is for completing two lines, which must be horizontal and within the same house, and the third prize requires all three lines within the same house to be completed.

For one and two lines the first person to call bingo wins the prize.

For the third prize, however, if there is more than one caller, all those with the completed cards will be invited onto the stage to compete for the prize - which is usually in the form of a dance-off, sing-off or musical statues.

What prizes can you win?

A whole host of prizes are up for grabs throughout the night, ranging from big cash prizes of up to £600, to random items, like a Henry hoover, or a cardboard cut out of a celeb to take home.

When is it coming to Leeds?

There will be six Bongo's Bingo events taking place at Canal Mills in Leeds throughout March.

The full list of dates are:

- 6 Mar

- 13 Mar

- 17 Mar

- 20 Mar

- 27 Mar

- 30 Mar

How to get tickets

Tickets are priced at £10 per person, plus a £2 booking fee, and are available to buy online.

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