Leeds man who met Elizabeth Taylor

Stuart Healy with actress Elizabeth Taylor.
Stuart Healy with actress Elizabeth Taylor.
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DEVOTED Elizabeth Taylor fan Stuart Healy dreamed of meeting his icon ever since he was a schoolboy.

And 29 years ago his dream came true.

Stuart, 63, who is deaf and lives in Bramley, has been a fan of Liz Taylor for over 50 years.

At Burwood School, Stuart started to collect newspaper cuttings of Liz in his treasured scrap-book.

It wasn’t until March 1982, during a visit to London to watch Liz in the play The Little Foxes that Stuart seized his chance to meet his icon, who died on Wednesday, aged 79.

Stuart said: “I had requested to go backstage to meet Liz but was told I had ‘no chance’.

“I managed to leave my scrap-book with the stage-door attendant who told me that Liz may be able to sign it.”

Time passed and there was no sign of his scrapbook, and Stuart wrote to Liz in desperation, expressing his disappointment.

Liz’s bodyguard telephoned his mum and said that she was so impressed with Stuart’s book that she would like to meet him when he next visited London.

Stuart said: “At first my mum feared it was a hoax.

“I was so excited and suffered much leg-pulling from friends and workmates before leaving on the big day.

“When I got there, I was escorted to her dressing room and was greeted by Elizabeth. I was actually meeting her face to face.

“She said how impressed she had been with my scrapbook and signed it, as well as the programme from the theatre performance.

“It read, ‘To Stuart, with love and peace, Elizabeth Taylor.’ Before she left, she gave me the American one-handed sign for ‘I love you’.

“A bodyguard then took a picture of us both and we chatted for about 20 minutes before she planted a kiss on my cheek.”

But that 20 minutes has left a life-long impression on Stuart’s life.

And he is now desperate to pay his last respects and attend her funeral in the US next week.

Holding back the tears, he added: “I miss her so much. My Liz Great – at least you are now at peace. Bless her and rest her.

“I’m desperate to attend the funeral but it’s difficult because I am deaf and can’t use the telephone.

“I’m willing to pay my fare and stay at the hotel.

“This is my wish, my dream to see her again. To pay my last respect to one of the Hollywood Greats. But what happened in 1982 was a dream outing. I will never forget that day.”

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