Interview: Rosie was Made in Chelsea and made famous on TV

Rosie Fortescue.
Rosie Fortescue.
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Rosie Fortescue, 24, a fashion blogger and star of the reality TV series Made in Chelsea, chats about her life.

Tell us about your involvement with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

It’s the second year that I’ve been involved with the charity as an ambassador, which has been amazing.

It’s a really good way to reach out to younger people and to see all the collaborations that the designers are doing with the charity.

We had an ambassador’s photoshoot recently, and we all wore the clothes and it was really good fun just styling it up and promoting the clothes so that people could see this year’s collaborations.

It’s really great working with the charity and I love it.

Is going into television something you always wanted to do?

No, I studied history of art at Goldsmiths, so going into television, no.

I didn’t study acting or anything at school because in Made in Chelsea we don’t act.

It was just something that came about.

At the time, I was leaving university, finishing my dissertation and I’d just started my fashion blog so I thought it’d be a great way to promote what I was wearing. It seemed like a bit of a risk - but it turned out to be a good one!

How has the show changed your life?

The opportunities we get have been amazing. It’s great to be able to work with a charity like Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, to be able to give back by using the notoriety that we have from the show.

Is it a strange feeling that so many people look to you for fashion tips?

Yes, it is, but it’s really nice at the same time.

I’m really pale and stand out from the other girls in Made in Chelsea, so it’s really good having people there on my blog who want to know what colour would suit their paler skin tone, for example, or they’re asking about nails and make-up.

It’s really nice to be able to reach out to the viewers.

Why do you think shows like Made in Chelsea and 
the only way is essex are doing so well at the moment?

I think because they really access our lives, so people are intrigued and interested.

We’re also all really relatable and we all go through the same things that everyone else does, the break-ups and the friendships. I think it keeps people interested.

It’s been confirmed recently that the show is going to New York, are you excited?

So excited, it’s my favourite city. I’m completely in love with it.

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