Celebrity interview: Georgia May Foote

Georgia May Foote.
Georgia May Foote.
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Georgia May Foote is not a popular girl right now.

The 22-year-old plays Coronation Street’s teen mum Katy Armstrong, who has a toddler son, Joseph, with on-screen beau Chesney Brown.

But throw a fling with bad lad Ryan Connor into the mix and you’ve got a mini-mutiny on your hands.

“The fans have already said they’re annoyed about Katy and Ryan’s relationship,” says Foote. “They weren’t too happy with it.”

And no wonder – how could Katy even contemplate cheating on the lovable Ches?

The young couple’s strength has already been tested more than most after they became parents to Joseph in December 2011.

Having to take on so much responsibility at such a young age has been challenging for them both, but Chesney
(played by Sam Aston) has 
done his best to support Katy and their child, so it’s no surprise that her betrayal’s already ruffled some fans’ feathers.

But Foote says there’s more to it than meets the eye.

“There is a reason behind the affair, and that is that Katy is trying to get on with her own life,” she explains.

Over recent weeks, viewers have seen the flirting escalate, culminating in a steamy kiss.

“It’s really strange, it’s a completely different storyline for Katy,” says Foote, who starred in high school drama Grange Hill before hitting the Corrie cobbles.

“I think Ryan was just being Ryan at the beginning, but then I think he does genuinely start to get feelings for Katy.”

How things pan out, though, remains to be seen. Torn by emotion, Katy does try and halt the affair in order to stay faithful to Ches.

But after the rejection, Ryan gets his own back by dating Katy’s friend Steph.

“Steph starts dating Ryan for a while,” says Foote. “Ryan does it to wind Katy up and to see how far he can push her. He wants to see if he can make her jealous.”

It works, and Katy plots a plan of her own to warn Steph off by telling her about Ryan’s past indiscretions.

“Katy does like Ryan a little bit but it’s not until it all kicks off really that she falls for him,” Foote adds.

Whether fans will go easy on Katy remains to be seen, too. “I don’t think Katy realises the consequences of her actions really,” says Foote.

Foote is enjoying being part of the exciting plot.

Playing Katy is the biggest role of the actress’s career so far and, along with Grange Hill, it’s her second long-standing job.

But she quickly made an impact with viewers.

Whether or not fans sympathise with Katy’s actions, she sure is keeping everyone gripped.

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