Casting a line in search of a fishy supper on Yorkshire’s east coast

PIC: James Hardisty
PIC: James Hardisty
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IT may be autumn but on a sparkling, if chilly, day like this as ribbons of white cloud drift across the blue sky, like a painter’s brush on his canvas, it’s easy to see why fishermen, like the two seen here keeping a watchful eye on their lines, are drawn to the Yorkshire Coast.

For while the fishing fleets in places like Hull and Scarborough are nothing like the size they were back in the day, the rugged beauty and changing nature of our shoreline, from bays and coves to open beaches, makes a day’s fishing an enticing prospect and attracts people from far and wide.

There is a great deal of variety here, too. The Holdnerness Coast between Flamborough Head and Spurn Point, is best known for crab and lobster fishing.

Head up to Whitby and take a stroll along its piers and you will invariably come across someone enjoying a spot of fishing - with fair sized cod and decent catches of whiting possible.

Robin Hood’s Bay also offers some excellent fishing, especially on the sea wall at high tide. So, too, does Scarborough, of course, with everything from pollock to squid and mussels among a potential catch.

Beach fishing is also a popular past time, with the two fishermen in this photograph hoping to land something round the corner from Spurn Point.

This spit of land on the edge of the Humber Estuary does well for cod and big whiting in winter, with flatfish in spring and summer and the chance of a bass and mackerel in the warmer months.

Many of the Holderness beaches often fish best around half tide. Which is why it’s handy to see when and where the locals are fishing and try and copy what they are doing.

As any fisherman, or woman, worth their salt will tell you, though, fish don’t follow rules and you never quite know what you might end up catching, if the gods are smiling on you, when you’re close in.

But even if you don’t catch a thing there’s always the view to enjoy and tales of the one that got away to embellish.

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Picture by James Hardisty

Words by Chris Bond