7 sexy secrets of The Lady Boys of Bangkok

Tickets are now on sale
Tickets are now on sale
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We lift the lid on the UK’s sexiest cabaret act as they prepare to bring their new show back to Leeds.

In a world of constant bad news, we all things that wow us, make us laugh and offer up a little escapism; one such phenomenon that continues to dazzle and titillate audiences after years of acclaim is the quite remarkable Lady Boys of Bangkok.

Glamour and glitz at the Pavilion

Glamour and glitz at the Pavilion

The beloved cabaret spectacular which sees 16 stunning showgirls (who just happen to be men) perform in a whirlwind of glamour and breathtaking choreography will be exploding back into Leeds for a run of shows beginning October 9 at the Sabai Pavilion.

The show is a one-of-a-kind celebration of being yourself, with plenty of feathers and jewels to boot, but just how much do you know about these exotic vixens?

On the cusp of their brand new show in Leeds – “Who Rules The World?” – we reveal some of the sexy secrets about these fabulous divas.

1) They are not drag queens!

There may be more to these sultry showgirls than meets the eye but the Lady Boys don't consider themselves drag queens. Most of the shows cast are transgender women who in Thai are referred to as ‘Kathoey’. Kathoey culture dates back centuries with many people in Asia viewing the Kathoey as being of a third gender.

2) In Thailand many women are envious of Kathoey

In Asia Kathoey are a big part of the culture, with many working in typically feminine occupations like cosmetic counters or as models. They regularly appear on the covers of magazines and in glitzy stage shows. A lot of cisgender women are actually quite envious of their perfect feminine figures and glamorous appearance.

3) The Ladyboys are known for their walk

Apparently one of the sure-fire ways to spot a Kathoey in Bangkok is if they have a particularly feminine walk. The Ladyboys are known for constantly looking like they are strutting down a catwalk.

4) The show started in Scotland!

Yes, the Lady Boys first made their debut performance in the UK at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1998. The show’s artistic director Phillip Gandey saw the original production in Bangkok and was so blown away he brought the concept back home - the show’s been a Fringe staple ever since. Of its evolution Phillip said: “Since the early days of the show, we have transformed from a novelty act it into a slick, precisely choreographed and entertaining night out”.

5) In a cast of 16 they have over 400 costumes

These showgirls don’t do things by halves - each performer has around 25 costumes each. Just imagine how many rhinestones that amounts to?

6) The show melds several different musical styles

When you go see the show you should expect to see a wide variety of music; everything from west end classics to pop anthems and movie soundtrack favourites, all clashing together in a kaleidoscope of fabulousness.

7) The Ladyboys aren’t afraid to get the audience involved

If you attend the show you may be lucky enough to get brought up on stage for one of the numbers, just be forewarned – there may be blindfolds involved!

The Lady Boys of Bangkok bring their spectacular new show ‘Who Rules The World?’ to Leeds for a series beginning October 9. Get tickets over at http://www.ladyboysofbangkok.co.uk/ and catch them at the Sabai Pavilion for a night of glitz and glamour sure to put a smile on your face.