'You feel it, it's quite painful' - Danny Dyer talks The Wall contests as Leeds sisters prepare for first episode

Danny Dyer has spoken about how he "invests" in the contests of The Wall, the new BBC game show he hosts, as two Leeds sisters prepare for their television moment when the first episode airs.

Louise Seymour, 39, and Helen McDonald, 34, are so excited to share the "big reveal" of their result on BBC programme The Wall that they have booked Garforth's village hall and invited around 100 family and friends along on Saturday, when they will project it on to a big screen.

The sisters said that host Dyer, star of EastEnders, was "great".

"He cracked some little funnies while he was on there so I think he's going to be a really good host."

Danny Dyer with Helen McDonald and Louise Seymour on The Wall. Credit: BBC.

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    In each show one pair take on The Wall in three rounds "that are the ultimate combination of strategy, knowledge and luck", says the broadcaster.

    The actor and presenter said that when contestants lose money, "you feel it".

    Asked in an interview with the BBC whether there were there lots of highs and lows during filming, he said: "Very interesting because you really do invest in them [the contestants], you really do.

    Helen McDonald and Louise Seymour on The Wall. Credit: BBC.

    "You literally meet them, give them a cuddle, say, 'Hi, I’m Danny', they introduce themselves and then we start the show.

    "As the show goes on - it takes about three hours to film one ep so you do start to become quite pally and of course if they’ve got a bit of a story behind them, if they’ve had a rough year or they want the money for a wedding or want it to take their family on holiday you really are routing for them.

    "So when they’re winning money you’re in it and when they lose, you feel it, it’s quite painful actually. That’s part of that journey though I suppose, and I never know how it’s going to pan out of course so that was probably the hardest bit actually - when people walk away with nothing."

    The show involves three rounds. The first is 'Freefall', which involves a multiple-choice question with two possible answers as balls fall randomly towards slots of varying cash amounts.

    Players have until one ball has reached the money to lock in their answer. If they are correct, the balls turn green and money is added to their prize pot. However, answer a question incorrectly and the ball turns red, deducting the amounts of the slots they land in.

    In the next two rounds, the pair are separated but still have to work together to accumulate cash.