M Huncho face reveal: did a Twitter video reveal the English rapper's identity - and why does he wear a mask?

Fans are claiming that a video of an unmasked man alongside rapper Dutchavelli reveals the identity of M Huncho

By Finlay Greig
Friday, 15th January 2021, 1:50 pm
M Huncho wearing his iconic mask (Getty Images)
M Huncho wearing his iconic mask (Getty Images)

UK rap fans are speculating whether the identity of London rapper M Huncho has been revealed.

A video originating from Instagram claims to show the rapper without his iconic mask, revealing his face to the public for the first time.

Social media is now rife with fans speculating on the identity of the unmasked man, though M Huncho has yet to confirm whether he is indeed the man featured in the video.

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What does the video reveal?

An initial clip appears to feature the rapper in his instantly recognisable disguise alongside fellow rapper Dutchavelli.

This is followed by a second clip featuring a man, who fans speculate is M Huncho, wearing the same outfit, but without the mask.

The video was originally uploaded by monster_marv_TV, who appears to be a friend of rapper Dutchavelli.

In an Instagram story post he justifies the apparent reveal by saying “let’s stop using Dutch as a power move to get your name out or start trending”.

M Huncho has previously voiced regret about recording music with Dutchavelli. Who is M Huncho?

M Huncho has been active in the UK rap scene since 2017.

He first rose to prominence following the release of a Mad About Bars freestyle session, before releasing EP Get Out in the same year.

The North West London’s rapper star grew in 2019 following the release of debut mixtape Utopia which rose to number 13 in the UK charts. A year later mixtape Huncholini the 1st built on Utopia’s success, reaching number 5 in the UK album charts.

He consolidated 2020 as a breakout year following the release of collaborative mixtape DNA with Nafe Smallz which climbed to number 6 in the UK charts.

Why does M Huncho wear a mask?

A growing number of UK rappers are opting to conceal their identity in order to avoid the media spotlight.

In a 2019 interview with Capital Xtra he revealed his reasoning for donning the mask.

He said: “I like my privacy. That’s it. I don’t care about none of this stuff that comes along with what I’m doing.

"I don’t care about no ends. I got a family. I’m in this to maintain and do bigger things.”