LIVE AT LEEDS 2019: Tom Grennan on why the festival is 'so, so important' for young bands

ROB CHADWICK speaks to singer songwriter Tom Grennan, who will be appearing as one of the headline acts at this year's Live at Leeds Festival next weekend.

Friday, 26th April 2019, 11:02 am
Updated Friday, 26th April 2019, 12:11 pm
Tom Grennan is appearing at Live at Leeds on May 4.

Congrats on the silver record; tell us what was it like when you got the call?

Ahhh, thank you man! Yeah it was pretty surreal to be honest, but totally amazing getting the call. All the hard work from 2018 kind of came flooding back into my memory in about 30 seconds.

So, you’re back in the studio at the moment?

Yeah it’s pretty relentless working on the second record - the tracks are nearly there so to speak; it’s mostly the production side that we are working on now.

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I believe you’ve been working on that second album in LA, what has that been like?

Yeah, I was out there for about a month. The weather was awful but the productivity was great...probably because the weather was awful! Ha! Every cloud and all that!

And why LA; or is that a silly question?

From a personal point of view, I just like LA, the vibe and the culture. The musicians are great too, and it just makes you wake up with a smile on your face - which I needed.

Now the debut album has gone way into its prime, how do you reflect on the past year?

I couldn’t be happier you know; part of me thinks we may have released one or two of the wrong songs. However, that said, they went down a storm, and, as a team we worked really well to such a point that I now feel I’m moving in the right direction,which put me right in the market we’re I want to be. But mostly, I feel truly humbled that people are still listening to it now, and that’s the key!

Do you have a specific highlight?

I think the touring side was amazing. I’d also say selling out a UK tour was a great feeling, and knowing that I finished an album and getting that out. All those combined made this past year a great one - I was buzzing.

Because of the huge success of the first, how is the added pressure, if any, affecting you?

I feel as though I put pressure on myself. I don't get any pressure from the label or management, they have been so supportive; they have given me free rein to do anything. You know I want to be the biggest artist I can be, not even that but in the world if I can. I want to try and be up there, (so to speak) if I can. This record has to be the one that shoots me in the big leagues. I feel as though I’m mid table Premiership but I want to be Man City!

And what about the show for Teenage Cancer? Tell us about how that was? …..And working with Roger Daltrey too?

Ahh man that was amazing. We had a 16 piece choir, the band, seven strings, the lot ….it was great! Working with Roger was amazing, he’s just a real geezer. He just gave me a lot of advice. He said If I ever needed anything from The Who to let him know, so that was pretty cool.

A backing band?

Ha, that’s it man!

Live at Leeds is such a pinnacle and important show for up and coming acts, what advice can you give to someone performing at our beloved event?

So, so important. Like you say its really difficult for people to get heard these days. It gives the unsigned acts a platform to showcase their music. It’s an important event in the calendar for any up and coming artist and one that I’m looking forward too.

Tell us about any other exciting festivals you have on for 2019?

I have a lot man this year, I think Latitude is one that I’m looking forward too.

And Glastonbury?

Nah man, I haven’t had the call yet but that would be a real high for sure!

Tom Grennan is appearing at Live at Leeds on the Farah Stage at Leeds University Refectory at 9.45pm on Saturday, May 4.

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