Gig review: Liam Gallagher at the FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield

Often described as the ‘former’ Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher will affectionately be the only ever Oasis frontman, well if any rumoured reformation is to take place.

Thursday, 21st November 2019, 3:08 pm
Liam Gallagher in concert at Fly DSA Arena, Sheffield. Picture: Anthony Longstaff

British pop has never been the same since the degeneration of the quintessential Manchester ’90s scene but Yorkshire is for a treat tonight with Liam Gallagher bringing his latest tour to thousands of delighted revellers. The set mixes songs from his solo albums, both old and new, and with the expected Oasis essentials.

His latest album, Why Me, Why Not?, is as successful as you’d expect. Liam’s recent resurgence after Beady Eye has seen a positive shine bestowed upon him both from young and old fans. Does it match with his brother’s formidable songwriting talent? Well, if it’s as good an improvement on that previous album Wall of Glass was, then he’s probably unearthing a talent which has been growing over time.

Supported by Aussie rock band, DMA’s the formidable chants of ‘Liam, Liam, Liam’ echo around Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena like the bellowing crowd at his hallowed Etihad Stadium. Emerging to Manchester City Champions Chant and Oasis track, F***** in the Bushes, Liam saunters on stage with all the swagger you’d expect from the proverbial king of Britpop.

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Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs was a surprise guest at Liam Gallagher's gig at the FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield. Picture: Anthony Longstaff

With a surprise appearance on stage from Oasis legend, Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs, the set kicks off with belters, Rock ’n’ Roll Star, Shockwave and Wall of Glass. The mixture of solo hits and Oasis masterpieces Morning Glory, Columbia and Stand By Me give the crowd everything they could possibly want.

Looking around the venue, your average days-of-old Oasis fan was seemingly seated and not as “mad for it” as they once were capable, whilst the younger Liam fan was pounding the floor, hands held aloft. But such was the diversity even Liam noted: “The youth are the future, man.”

With a few tactical quips the expense of his older brother Noel, the set pummelled through the newer album tracks from Why Me, Why Not? and also the classics, Gas Panic, Aquiesce, Champagne Supernova and finally ending with Cigarettes and Alcohol. It was great to see Liam’s son, Gene, playing with the band on track, The River also.

Lots of gigs leave you feeling somewhat missing out on songs which could have been played but I don’t think one fan could have walked away feeling like they hadn’t got their money’s worth.