Gig review: Allusinlove at Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Leeds-based quartet Allusinlove are back after their short hiatus, albeit under a different denomination, bigger and more unequivocally audacious than ever.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 12:33 pm
Updated Monday, 11th March 2019, 12:38 pm

Previously known as Allusondrugs, they have returned not only with an inarguably less controversial name but a boatload of new material to boot, laced with the same psychedelic yet piquant punk infused vim that originally earned them such high acclaim.

An air of ineffable euphoria hangs in the air as the band take to the dimmed stage of Leeds’s Hyde Park Book Club, inspiring a rallying of applause and empyreal delight from their sold out audience below. This being their grandiose homecoming, it is undoubtedly a special occasion for them, and marks the culmination of a gargantuan UK tour.

The night’s proceedings begin with the rhapsodically trippy ‘Full Circle’, which leads into a further eight-track set, combining both old and new music. This string of shows has undoubtedly been an opportunity for the band to share with the world what they have been working on behind closed doors, and new tracks such as ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘It’s OK To Talk’ – which frontman Jason Moules declares as his favourite – are as rapturously received as the likes of fan favourite ‘Sunset Yellow’.

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The performance is defined by fervid guitars and the hazy yet emphatic vocal styling of Moules. What sets them apart from the ever growing sea of up-and-coming bands on the underground music scene today is not only their audacious flair for producing trenchant and searingly explosive grunge-rock, but also their keen ability to take a live performance and turn it into such a raw and unforged spectacle. That aside, they visibly enjoy what they do and the chemistry between them is perceptible from the word go.

As they continue to incorporate their own idiosyncratic musical aura and galvanic showmanship, the future looks indisputedly bright for Allusinlove.