12 photos you'll only understand if you were a regular at The Warehouse back in the day

It's the nightclub which became the epicentre of cool clubbing and music for Leeds and the north of England.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 11:34 am
The Warehouse.

The Warehouse launched in 1979 as a home for disco lovers, new romantics and the rave generation. Famous faces who've walked through the doors include Nirvana, Oasis and Wham! through to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Smiths, Boy George and even the Village People. The club has always attracted the city's weird and wonderful. Enjoy these photos which include memories from its founder Mike Wiand taken from a YEP interview in 2010. Do you recognise anyone? READ MORE: 25 photos you’ll only understand if you were a Leeds SpeedQueen clubber

Mike: "I didn't orchestrate things entirely they just evolved like that organically. All these weird and wonderful people just came out of the city's woodwork."
Mike: "We were quite strict on the door about who we let in. No one too mainstream-looking or anyone who didn't understand that the ethos of the club was tolerant."
Mike said: "From the ten years I'd spent in Leeds that there was this same cool, alternative crowd out there. I didn't know for sure, of course, I just had a feeling."

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Mike: "We would have to throw anyone out who caused trouble and picked on people for the way they were dressed or their sexuality or anything like that."
Mike said: "We were known as a place with a discerning crowd, they were fashionable and critical. Record companies started to feel that if an artist could make it at The Warehouse they stood a good chance of making it anywhere."
Mike said: "What we set out to achieve with the club was a safe place where it didn't matter if you were 18 or 50, gay or straight."
Mike said: "I have to say that despite everything we did as management, its success was 98 per cent down to the wonderful, amazing people of Leeds."
Mike said: "If we ever got anyone famous coming to the city we were the only place to go afterwards. And I mean everyone."
Mike said: "We brought out all the eccentrics of West Yorkshire."
Mike said: "Marc Almond was our cloakroom girl - I used to help him put on his make-up!"
Mike said: "What we set out to achieve with the club was a safe place where it didn't matter if you were 18 or 50, gay or straight."
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