Squash: The whole kit and caboodle

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If readers have a spare hour and a half, they could do worse than to have a look at ‘Marvellous’, a one off drama aired on the BBC last week.

It’s an apt recommendation for YEP sport readers with a central narrative involving a football club and a charismatic kit man.

Neil Baldwin, described as a child as having ‘learning difficulties’, is about the most positive bloke on earth, and with the ultimate get-up-and-go attitude which at first seems plain delusional, he manoeuvres himself in to all sorts of places. He meets Tony Benn at Westminster, wangles a job at Keele University, and, implausibly, after a meeting with new boss Lou Macari outside Stoke City’s ground, is offered the job of kit man.

It’s a most unlikely story that no one with sporting interest will want to miss. Witty, moving and perfectly judged, Toby Jones’ leading performance is as mesmerising as his midlands accent.

Last Friday I was invited, along with a group of Leeds Commonwealth Games medallists, by The Lord Mayor and all at the City Council to a reception at the Civic Hall. There were eight athletes, and we raised a toast to the city’s resounding success, which I believe it was claimed stood us in a very healthy position in the medal table by the end. Each athlete, it seemed, was proud to represent Leeds, and to be able to call the city a home.

It’s been a memorable sporting summer, and whilst it could be hard to repeat, we have a gaggle of superb athletes who have the potential to repeat.

Lee Beachill. Picture: SquashPics.com

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