Squash: New addition to world-wide ‘injured club’

James Willstrop
James Willstrop
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Just recently there has been an array of injuries to squash players.

Nick Matthew had a knee operation before the Commonwealths, world No.4 Joelle King will be out for months after an Achilles op’, and Ramy Ashour has missed several events because of his troublesome hamstring. And these are the more major ones. I joined the list last week. I had known my hip needed attention for a while after some less than positive scans in June.

Squash is one of those sports that if played regularly takes its toll. Aches and pains are part of the deal. The movements squash players make are high impact, damaging to the joints, and done in unusual and varying patterns. The pressure this exerts on the body over time is considerable.

I am looking at a long road back to moving around a squash court again. I’ll be working through it all with Alison Rose at Coach House Physiotherapy in West Park, and there’ll be a full programme of rehab over the next few weeks, whilst non weight bearing. This involves lots of low level exercises, pool work, and electrical impulse machines going through the legs. Presently it is so low level all I need to do is clench my leg muscles whilst reading a book or watching television.

This rehab period of the recovery time is vitally important. It isn’t just a matter of sitting around waiting for things to happen.

So after a break and with Alison’s help maybe I can prise another year or two of squash out of this old body yet...