Soap stars box clever at park wacky races

FIFTY of the most inventive racing cars - from the wackiest to the sleakest - battled it out over the weekend, but none of them had an engine. We've got snaps of some of the best..

Thousands of people flocked to Roundhay Park on Sunday for the first Red Bull Soap Box Race at Roundhay Park, Leeds, where competitors in their own home-made cars were judged on creativity, speed and performance.

The race had all the excitement and crowd-drawing appeal of Grand Prix racing but on a smaller scale, and without the ear-piercing noise of the engines.

A specially built course was designed to test the stamina, speed and skills of contestants. But the race was about more than just performance, and vehicles were also judged on their creativity.

Soap box racing originated when children started making their own racing cars by attaching wheels to wooden soap crates.

Yesterday things had moved on a lot, with a huge number of sophisticated and roadworthy cars on show.

Winners on the day were The Garage from Glasgow, with an aerodynamic hang glider design. Leeds team Wellpleased came in second with a big pink cow car.

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