Snooker: Stan Brooke draws unveiled

The draw for this season's Leeds Billiards and Snooker Association's Stan Brooke competitions has been made.

The first round singles are as follows: Chris Hart (Moorside Soc A) v Darren Gannon (Harehills Labour A); Dean Ripley (Corpus Christi A) v P Gannon (Harehills Labour A); Gary Walker (Gildersome Cons A) v Daniel Grimes (Ackroyd St A); S Stevens (Excelsior SC A) v A Heseltine (New Headingley B); M Potter (Ireland Wood B) v Dennis Ripley (Corpus Christi A); N Turner (Barnbow Soc B) v Robert Johnson (Bramley Soc A); L Brookes (Garforth WMC A) v James Ball (Yorkshire Rider B); N Sawyer (West Hunslet Cons A) v C Freeman (U & L Wortley Libs A); Wayne Gledhill (Tinshill & Cridge A) v Simon Smith (Peggy Tub A).

The first round of the pairs are: B Barrow & L Brookes (Garforth WMC A) v Paul Grimes & Lee Grimes (Ackroyd St A); P Waite & D Waite (Hunslet Carr A) v P Hill & Paul Smith (Garforth WMC A); Paul Butler & John Woodhead (Ireland Wood A) v Johnathan Bagley & C Hazelgrave (Crossgates Rec A); T Blackburn & S Hutchinson (Denison Hall B) v Darren Gannon & P Gannon (Harehills Labour A); Matt Drury & Chris Browning (Swillington MW A) v Jon Oleary & Malcolm Robertshaw (Chapel Allerton B); G Audus & G Popple (U & L Wortley Libs A) v Rob Flemming & Luke Campey (Corpus Christi A); A Butterworth & G Cole (Harehills Labour B) v Simon Smith & T Naylor (Peggy Tub A); D Dean & G Griffin (Holbeck WMC A) v Gary Calter & T Burden (East Leeds SC A); Paul Finn & Kris Chapman (East Leeds SC A) v G Walton & Ryan Walton (Excelsior SC A); L Craven & C Freeman (U & L Wortley Libs A) v A Bedford & B Bedford (Holbeck WMC A); P Turner & C Spence (Edmund House A) v A Taffinder & Daniel Grimes (Ackroyd St A); S Parlour & Anthony Massey (Harehills Cons A) v D Rennison & J Fairhurst (Harehills Labour B); Gary Barton & T Fell (Belle Isle WMC B) v J Howlett & N Turner (Barnbow Soc B); Lee Reardon & Paul Reilly (Moorside Soc B) v S Broadbelt & Mark Horsley (Corpus Christi A); P Brier & Mark Smith (U & L Wortley Libs A) v Garry Payne & Tony Hainsworth (Ackroyd St B); I Hardisty & G Naylor (Peggy Tub A) v A Scarlett & B Killoran (Ireland Wood B); P Turner & N Sawyer (West Hunslet Cons A) v S Stevens & V Roy (Excelsior SC A).

Closing dates are, January 8 for singles and January 15 for pairs matches.

Meanwhile, League results from week 15 are below.

Snooker A Division: Adrian Soc B 4 Holbeck WMC A 4; Moorside Soc A 1 Harehills WMC A 7; Ackroyd St A 3 U & L Wortley Libs A 5; Bramley WMC A 3 New Headingley A 5; South Leeds Cons B 2 Bramley WMC B 6; Rowland Road A 6 Rothwell WMC A 2; Adel Memorial A 5 Northern SC A 3.

Snooker B Division: Northern SC B 6 Main Line Soc A 2; Middleton Cons A 0 Adel Memorial B 8; Queenswood Soc A 4 Hunslet Carr A 4; The Railway Club A 5 Excelsior SC B 3; Meanwood WMC A 2 Swarcliffe WMC A 6; Yorkshire Rider A 4 Peggy Tub A 4; Crossgates Rec A 2 Gildersome Cons A 6.

Snooker C Division: East End Park B 5 Ireland Wood C 3; Bramley Soc A 5 Beeston Hill Soc B 3; Peggy Tub B 5 Rowland Road B 3; Harehills Cons A 6 South Leeds Cons A 2; Tinshill & Cridge A 4 Queenswood Soc B 4; East Leeds SC A 5 Adrian Soc A 3.

Snooker D Division: Belle Isle WMC B 7 Moorside Soc B 1; Main Line Soc B 3 Denison Hall A 5; LPSA A 4 Tinshill & Cridge B 4; Crossgates WMC A 4 East End Park C 4; Bramley Band A 6 Harehills Cons B 2; Chapel Street A 3 East End Park A 5.

Snooker E Division: Leeds Anglers A 4 Farsley Cons A 4; Morley Int A 3 New Wortley Lab A 5; Barnbow Soc A 4 Gipton WMC A 4; Armley Libs A 3 The Railway Club B 5; Ireland Wood A 7 Ackroyd St B 1.

Snooker F Division: Gildersome Cons B 2 Middleton Cons B 6; Harehills Libs A 6 Armley Cons B 2; West Hunslet Cons A 3 Chapel Allerton B 5; Morley Cons A 6 Armley Libs B 2; Moor Allerton A 5 Barnbow Soc B 3; Armley Cons A 4 Hawksworth Wood A 4.

Snooker G Division: Denison Hall B 6 Leeds Anglers B 2; The Hollies S&S A 5 Crossgates Rec B 3; Belle Isle WMC C 7 Yorkshire Rider B 1; Swillington MW A 2 Harehills Labour A 6; Hunslet Carr B 7 LPSA B 1; Beeston Hill Soc A 7 Belle Isle WMC A 1.

Snooker H Division: Pudsey Libs A 7 Ireland Wood B 1; Swarcliffe WMC B 3 Moor Allerton B 5; Harehills Labour B 5 Crossgates WMC B 3; Chapel Allerton A 4 West Hunslet Cons B 4; Harehills WMC B 5 Northern SC C 3.

Snooker I Division: Beechwood WMC B 4 Shadwell Social A 4; Holbeck WMC B 6 Farnley S & S A 2; East Leeds SC C 1 Garforth WMC A 7; Leeds Deaf Soc A 2 Gildersome Cons C 6; Moor Allerton C 2 Morley Cons B 6; North Leeds WMC A 1 Corpus Christi A 7; Tinshill & Cridge C 5 Adel Memorial C 3.

Billiards A Division: Crossgates WMC 4 LPSA 6; South Leeds Cons 4 Rowland Road B 6;

Snooker Breaks: Brian McGann (Armley Cons A) 56; M Gooch (Queenswood Soc A) 41; T Proctor (Bramley Soc A) 40; Matt Taylor (Chapel Allerton B) 39; Jon O'Leary (Chapel Allerton B) 35; J Kitchen (Gildersome Cons C) 35; D Dean (Holbeck WMC A) 31.

Billiard Breaks: Darren Tate (LPSA) 35.

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