Wakefield Wildcats: Castleford ground-share remains an option - Glover

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Wakefield’s new chairman Andrew Glover admits a ground-share with arch-rivals Castleford remains an option for the Wildcats as they look to secure a new Engage Super League licence.

Glover, who recently brought Wakefield out of administration, says the club remain committed to developing a new stadium but, with chief executive James Elston, he is considering other options.

Glover said: “Newmarket is still plan A, as that will guarantee our future for years to come.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a timescale on this and, if we only look at this, it’s virtually a certainty that we will lose our Super League licence for the next three years.

“We are looking at all possibilities available, including a stadium share with another club in Wakefield, the redevelopment of Belle Vue and even sharing Newmarket with Castleford, which should guarantee both clubs’ future.

“I know that the last option to share with Castleford may not sit pretty with a lot of fans but it may be the only way forward and something we have to look at.”

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