Tom Briscoe: Leeds Rhinos players have been working ‘overtime’ to net first back-to-back wins of year

Tom Briscoe.
Tom Briscoe.
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We didn’t have a game last weekend, but it wasn’t a week off.

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Kallum Watkins at his testimonial earlier in the season.

Kallum Watkins at his testimonial earlier in the season.

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We have used the time to put in some pretty intense training sessions and, hopefully, we’ll see that put into practice against Wakefield tomorrow.

Obviously this year so far has been a tough period for us and we’ve not had the results we wanted or needed so rather than have time off we wanted to get together as a team and try to get those performances better for the rest of the year.

The coaches wanted that and, as a playing group, everyone bought into it. We had a really good week in training and, hopefully, that will set us up for the rest of the year and we can start to climb the table.

It is a big game tomorrow, but it can be like a fresh start. We have had a struggle this year, but we are on the back of a good win against London at Anfield and I feel like we need to kick on now.

If we can get another win tomorrow it will be good for our confidence. We haven’t had back-to-back wins yet this year and that’s what we need to start doing if we’re going to turn things around.

There were positive signs against London, but obviously the way we let them come back into it was disappointing. We need to get that out of our game.

It is what has been letting us down all year and, unfortunately, it is still there, but it’s something we have addressed and we now need to start making strides forward with that.

We get ourselves into a good lead and then errors and things start happening, through our own doing. Maybe it is a confidence thing. We don’t seem to be able to deal with those errors and penalties at the moment, but only winning and getting good performances for 80 minutes will build that confidence.

It went a bit wrong late in the game, but our on-line D against London was great to keep them out for long periods.

They had a lot of attacking sets on our line and defensively we coped really well, but just our penalties and errors let us down, they led to more pressure and more energy sapped from us.

We need to cut the unforced errors out and that will go a long way towards saving some energy for our defence.

Two weeks between games has given Rich Agar a bit more time to work with the team. He has not changed too much, but there’s a few little things in there and hopefully we’ll see some benefits.

We will have to be good this week because Wakefield have beaten us twice this year and we know what a strong side they are, especially at their ground.

In the last game against them we were right in it, but again a few things went against us and our errors allowed them to get the win.

We will be concentrating on us and getting our team performance right and controlling what we can control.

We all had a bit of a shock on Monday when Kallum Watkins told us he’s leaving at the end of the year. I’ve played alongside Kal for a long time and we will miss him.

With what he has done for the club and how long he has been here and what he has achieved, he has been a great player and I wish him all the best for the future whatever happens at the end of the year.

He has had a bad injury and it takes time to come back from that. I have got full confidence in him that he can recapture the form he’s had in previous years.