Rhinos Jury: Leeds are their own worst enemy at times

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COME ON Leeds, it’s time to stop popping the champagne corks; our win at Wembley is now confined to the history books.

That’s now two poor performances in a row from Leeds, this one against Catalans much, much worse than the defeat against St Helens.

Mitch Achurch, above right, missed a chance in France some fans felt typified the team performance.

Mitch Achurch, above right, missed a chance in France some fans felt typified the team performance.

We were shocking from start to finish in every aspect.

Just how many times can you cough up the ball in one game? Were you trying to create a new world record?

Then to make it worse, some of the players were laughing about it afterwards, talk about not caring.

Just go and ask the Leeds fans that paid good money to go to the south of France to support you and ask them whether they cared or not?

They certainly weren’t laughing about it.

The performance – or lack of it – was shambolic; old bad habits are again in our game.

Apart from the tries that Leeds scored, there should have been another one when big Mitch Achurch had a one-on-one with Morgan Escare. He totally bottled it. Unacceptable for me, as was the whole performance. The success that we had at Wembley seems to have gone to the players’ heads for the second year running.

Talk about doing the double, deja vu.

Leeds are putting unnecessary pressure on themselves – too too many errors.

It’s no wonder the players are tired with all the defending that they are having to do.

Leeds are their own worst enemy at times.

It’s time now for the senior players in the team to stand up and address the problems before our season blows up in our faces again for the second year running.

If nothing happens in our next game tonight against Castleford Tigers, then our season will go belly up.

We do not want a third bad night at the office. That’s a treble we don’t want.

If we repeat what we have done in our two previous games, then I can only see a Castleford victory tonight.

I’m backing the team to turn it around tonight; we have too much experience to allow the poor form to continue. We have to minimise the amount of errors that we are making.

And please tackle the opposition with more intensity. Instead of dancing with them, nail them down to the floor!

Graham Poulter

We travelled to Perpignan with expectations of taking another step towards the League Leaders’ Shield, but we played as if we had to score on every possession instead of building pressure and forcing Catalans into making mistakes.

The Dragons were fired up and wanted to make the final home game special for the players leaving at the end of the season and they did just that!

I thought that, at times, we looked drained because of the heat, although we have visited at this time of year before and won.

There was a scare when Sir Kev needed attention as we can’t afford any more injuries with Cas up next.

A must win game now.

Diane Hall

What a bitterly disappointing game against Catalan Dragons.

I don’t think we even turned up.

Catalan outplayed us by a mile.

We seriously need to put some effort in tonight against Castleford Tigers if we don’t want to throw the season away.

Anne Bosanquet

That’s the worst performance against Catalans that I’ve seen from the Rhinos in a long time.

We never got going, we never looked a threat in attack as the Catalans controlled the game throughout.

We were sloppy at the back. It was too easy for Catalan to break through our defensive line.

Our players made a lot of uncharacteristic errors in a game that we quickly need to forget. Castleford are up next. They’ve nothing but pride to play for and we know they can match the best of teams on their day.

It’s a game we need to win to give everyone a lift.

And we fans need to get behind the boys.

We win together, we lose together.

Craig Tarbotton

As poor a performance from the Leeds Rhinos team this week for as long as I can remember.

However, I don’t agree with those who think this is 2014 all over again.

We’ve been playing much better rugby this year than last and I think we will beat Cas this week.

Jon Winter

A second consecutive defeat for the Challenge Cup winners and this one was a poor one in the south of France.

The team just didn’t turn up against Catalans last Saturday.

But I’m sure it’s just a blip as the race for top spot heats up once again.

And, as the saying goes, we win together and lose together, so we have to take the rough with the smooth.

Our last home game of the Super-8s against Castleford awaits us tonight and although the Tigers’ play-off hopes are over, Yorkshire bragging rights are up for grabs, so this won’t be an easy game.

That being said, I don’t see us losing again this season.

And we will remain top of the table after a 12-point win tonight – that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

Jamie Smith