Anger after Leeds Rhinos coach window stoned

Match action from Castleford Tigers v Leeds Rhinos.
Match action from Castleford Tigers v Leeds Rhinos.
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A YOB is believed to have smashed a window on the coach carrying the victorious Leeds Rhinos team out of Castleford.

The vehicle was attacked as the team left the town after a 48-6 win over The Tigers at the Wheldon Road ground.

Witnesses said a youth hurled a rock or stone at the vehicle which belongs to Fourway Coaches of Guiseley.

The stone hit a double glazed side window shattering a pane.

The youngster is believed to have then melted back into a crowd which had gathered on the street and the coach continued on its way.

Later a message was posted on Twitter from Leeds Rhinos prop forward Luke Burgess, who it is believed had been near to the window at the time.

He said: “A Cas fan just launched a rock at our coach and cracked all the window...what a xxxxxxx disgrace.”

Another message from Rhinos fan Gareth Summers replied: “No-one was hurt were they Luke? Bang out of order that.”

A message from another fan Caleb Foster added: “Sore losers. At least Hull FC fans are dignified in defeat.”

But a tweeter calling himself Weegie Warrior said: “Hope Cas are mortified about it and no-one injured.”

Gary Hetherington, Leeds Rhinos’ chief executive, told the YEP that the incident happened as the coach was pulling away from the ground on Friday evening.

He said a number of the players on board the bus saw a young boy – possibly aged about ten – step forward and throw a stone at the coach hitting a side window cracking the glass pane.

Fortunately the missile had not got through the window and no-one on board was hurt, he said.

Mr Hetherington added: “Clearly it is a matter that needs to be addressed. There had been a 10,000 crowd at the game and a very good atmosphere.”

He said the incident was perhaps a reflection of today’s society but fortunately such attacks on team coaches were rare.

But one source, who asked not to be named, said other supporters coaches were often targeted as they ran the gauntlet of supporters drinking outside pubs on Wheldon Road near the ground after games.

A spokesman for Fourway Coaches declined to comment.

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