Leeds Rhinos should release a film called ‘As Bad As It Gets’ – YEP Jury

Bradford Bulls players celebrate at the final hooter after beating Leeds Rhinos in the Challenge Cup.
Bradford Bulls players celebrate at the final hooter after beating Leeds Rhinos in the Challenge Cup.
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Our fans’ panel have their say on Leeds Rhinos’ disastrous Challenge Cup defeat at Bradford Bulls and tomorrow’s West Yorkshire derby against Castleford Tigers.


Callum McLelland touches down against Bradford Bulls.

Callum McLelland touches down against Bradford Bulls.

Leeds Rhinos released a film a year or so ago called ‘As Good As It Gets’. Who would have thought it would be true. Barring the 2017 Grand Final, things have been getting steadily worse. Following the Bradford game the sequel film called ‘As Bad As It Gets’ is now available!

The team on paper looks strong enough to challenge most others but when it comes to the field, we look rudderless and devoid of passion for the badge!

I’d suggest sacking the coach but we’ve just done that. What we need now is a strong personality to take over and shake up this team.

Who that is remains to be seen but the next few weeks are crucial in terms of Super League survival.

Ethan Ryan is held by Liam Sutcliffe and Harry Newman.

Ethan Ryan is held by Liam Sutcliffe and Harry Newman.

On to tomorrow night and part two of the Castleford Tigers trilogy this season.

Both teams look out of form and it could suggest a good game but I wouldn’t count on it. We finally get the full use of the whole ground after what feels like years of playing in a building site.

We have the ground but not the team!


I wish I could use a few expletives to describe that performance at Bradford Bulls because that is how I felt after the final whistle went at Odsal.

Bradford were deserved winners and I am glad it has happened because sacking the coach isn’t going to fix the years of poor recruitment, no leadership and the team has no identity.

Giving Jordan Lilley even more ammunition to perform [by not offering him a contract at Leeds Rhinos] was bizarre – that could have easily been done more professionally after the Cup game.

We have 15 massive games in front of us and Super League survival has to be the number one priority. Whoever we get in as the new head coach has to be given full control with no interfering from anyone.

Tomorrow night the players have a shot at some redemption and I want to see them fully grasp it. I want to see the team put the effort in and give me some hope for the must-win game at Anfield next week.

It is time for the players to stand up and wear the jersey with pride.


Championship clubs producing upsets by beating Super League clubs in the Challenge Cup is becoming more frequent in recent years, and this is superb for rugby league!

Nonetheless, this cannot disguise the shambolic state of our team at the minute. Had our team matched the determination, desire and wisdom of the Bradford Bulls players on Saturday then we would have won the tie, instead we are on the wrong end of a ‘Cupset’ against a local rival and are at an all time low.

As usual, poor goalline defence and attitude proved costly for the Leeds Rhinos of 2019, for whom the search for a new coach continues.

Pundits on the BBC commented on how ‘you can’t coach attitude’ but I think that there is one man who can, and as much as our fans dislike him, Shaun Wane would not tolerate performances and the attitude shown by the Leeds of 2019.

Congratulations to Bradford Bulls on a deserved victory though, Cas at home tomorrow – given our all time low status and recent record against them we surely can’t beat them for the second time this season, can we?


Humiliated by a part time side on national TV is surely the worst feeling a fan can have.

There were certain players that didn’t look fit and others that did not have the decency to look bothered.

I don’t know if the team were expecting to just turn up but I’m willing to bet I wasn’t the only fan who thought we couldn’t underestimate John Kear’s Bradford.

Credit to the Bulls for having heart and desire, everything this current team doesn’t possess. What Bradford actually did was nothing special.

I certainly did not agree with Dave Woods and Brain Noble when they eulogised about Bradford’s play.

Nothing was complicated about the Bulls, they didn’t have flair or do anything spectacular, they just ran hard and tackled for their lives.

They played simple rugby but did it very well. The Rhinos couldn’t seem to get going. I cannot remember a fluent section of passing play, we just did under-eights ‘one-out’ stuff and our woeful defence lived up to usual standards. I’m sure Dave Furner’s glad he got the first flight home.


First things first, full credit must be given to John Kear and Bradford, fully deserved win.

In a week where the players were rightly questioned over their part in earning Dave Furner the sack, you hoped that it would motivate them to come out and perform against Bradford. Instead what was served up was the most embarrassing performance I can remember from a Leeds team. It was atrocious!

The team seemed completely devoid of any ideas of how to break down a part-time Championship team, trying to take them on at their strength down the middle.

No guile, no direction and this was compounded by awful discipline and defending. The scoreline flattered us in the end.

You would like to think that tomorrow against Cas we will see some sort of reaction but how many times have we thought that? The tactical changes may not be easy fixes but some character would be a start. My thoughts on our new coach? For me, whilst I don’t claim to be his biggest fan, it should be Shaun Wane. I think he would get us back to basics.


I feel like I’ve remained reasonably positive so far this year but, after Saturday’s loss at Bradford Bulls, enough is enough.

We didn’t play any worse than we have done for most of the season, but that’s perhaps the most frustrating thing. A huge lack of discipline, shambolic defending and no sense of leadership all contributed to what I can only describe as a humiliating defeat.

That’s not to take anything away from Bradford, who 100 per cent deserved to win; they were determined and passionate, more than can be said for us.

Our “marquee” signings are looking distinctly average, and I struggle to understand why we chose to field a half-back pairing of an inexperienced 19-year old [Callum McLelland] and a second-rower, despite doing a good job, Liam Sutcliffe is not and never will be, a half-back.

Whatever is going on at the club at the minute, it’s not working; I still don’t think we’ll go down, but we’re a long, long way from competing and it’s hard to see how we’re going to improve the way things currently stand.