Leeds Rhinos results 2021

Here's a full list of Leeds Rhinos' results in 2021.

Emerald Headingley's South Stand. Picture by Allan McKenzie/SWpix.com.
Emerald Headingley's South Stand. Picture by Allan McKenzie/SWpix.com.


Sun 14: Huddersfield Giants (A) 3pm pre-season

Giants 22 (Tries Sezer, McIntosh, Cogger, Senior. Goals Sezer 2, Russell), Rhinos 16 (Tries Broadbent, L Briscoe, L Sutcliffe. Goals Martin 2).

Referee: Ben Thaler.

Sat 27: Wakefield Trinity (A, at Emerald Headingley) 3pm Super League round 1

Trinity 22 (Tries Johnstone 2, Senor, Ashurst. Goals Lino 3), Rhinos 28 (Tries L Briscoe, A Sutcliffe, Dwyer, Myler, Broadbent. Goals Martin 4).

Referee: Scott Mikalauskas


Fri 2: Castleford Tigers (H, at St Helens) 3pm Super League round 2

Rhinos 10 (L Briscoe, Prior. Goal Martin), Tigers 18 (Holmes, Evalds, Turner. Goals Richardson 3).

Referee: Liam Moore

Sat 10 St Helens (A) 2.30pm Challenge Cup round 3

St Helens 26 (Tries Makinson 2, Grace 2. Goals Makinson 5), Rhinos 18 (Tries Dwyer 2, Oledzki. Goals Martin 3).

Referee: Ben Thaler

Thur 15: Wigan Warriors (H) 7.45pm Super League round 3

Rhinos 6 (Try Mellor. Goal Martin), Wigan 19 (Tries Farrell 2, Hardaker, Hastings. Goals Hardaker. Drop goal Hardaker).

Referee: Chris Kendall.

Fri 23: Hull KR (A) 6pm Super League round 4

Hull KR 26 (Tries Linnett 3, Hall, Parcell. Goals Abdull 3), Rhinos 6 (Try Dwyer. Goal Handley).


Sun 2: Huddersfield Giants (A) 3pm Super League round 5

Giants 14 (Tries Sezer 2. Goals Sezer 2. Drop goals Sezer, Gaskell), Rhinos 13 (Tries Thompson, Handley. Goals Martin 2. Drop goal L Sutcliffe).

Referee: LIam Moore.

Fri 14: Wakefield Trinity (H) 7.45pm Super League round 6

Rhinos 15 (Tries Martin, Hurrell. Goals Martin 3. Drop goal Martin), Trinity 13 (Tries Kay, Lino. Goals Lino 2. Drop goal Lino). After extra-time.

Referee: Robert Hicks

Sun 23: Hull (H) 7.30pm Super League round 7

Rhinos 12 (Tries L Sutcliffe, T Briscoe. Goals Martin 2), Hull 20 (Tries Swift 2, Griffin. Goals Sneyd 3).

Referee: Marcus Griffiths.

Attendance: 4,000

Fri 28: Castleford Tigers (A) 7.45pm Super League round 8

Tigers 6 (Try Turner. Goal Richardson), Rhinos 60 (Tries T Briscoe 2, Leeming 2, Broadbent, Myler, L Briscoe, Hurrell, Dwyer, Gannon, Gale. Goals Martin 8).

Referee: Liam Moore. Attendance: 4,000.


Fri 11: St Helens (H) 7.45pm Super League round 9

Postponed after several Rhinos players tested positive for coronavirus

Sat 19: Catalans Dragons (A) 5pm BST Super League round 10

Postponed after several Rhinos players tested positive for coronavirus

Sun 27: Salford Red Devils (A) 1pm Super League round 11

Salford 12 (Tries Atkin, Escare. Goals Atkin, Patton), Rhinos 38 (Tries Broadbent 2, Myler 2, T Briscoe, Leeming, Gale. Goals Martin 5).

Referee: Robert Hicks


Thur 1 Leigh Centurions (H) 7.45pm Super League round 12

Rhinos 48 (Tries Broadbent 4, Donaldson, Leeming, L Sutcliffe, Walters, Holroyd. Goals Martin 6), Leigh 18 (Tries Russell, Ioane, Brierley. Goals Brierley 3).

Attendance: 4,000.

Referee: Aaron Moore

Mon 5: Warrington Wolves (A) 7.45pm Super League round 13

Wolves 16 (Tries Charnely 2, Walker. Goals Ratchford 2), Rhinos 22 (Tries Lui, Mellor, Handley. Goals Martin 5).

Attendance: 4,000.

Referee: Liam Moore.

Fri 9: Catalans Dragons (H) 7.45pm Super League round 14

Rhinos 18 (Tries Martin, Thompson, L Sutcliffe. Goals Martin 3), Catalns 26 (Tries Mourgue, Whitley, McMeeken, Yaha. Goals Mourgue 3, Maloney 2).

Attendance: 4,000.

Referee: Liam Moore.

Fri 16: Catalans Dragons (A) 6.15pm UK time Super League round 10

Catalans 27 (TriesKasiano, Mourgue, Whitley, Davies. Goals Mourgue 5. Drop goal S Tomkins), Rhinos 18 (Tries T Briscoe 2, Leeming. Goals Gale 3).

Referee: Ben Thaler.

Attendance: 4,800.

Thur 22: Salford Red Devils (H) 7.45pm Super League round 15

Rhinos 36 (Tries Leeming 2, Newman, McLelland, Vuniyayawa, Prior. Goals Martin 7), Salford 16 (TriesSio, Lolohea, Inu. goals Inu 2).

Referee: Ben Thaler.

Attendance: 10,515.

Thur 29: Hull (A) 7.45pm Super League round 16

Hull 12 (Tries Swift, Tuimavave. Goals Sneyd 2), Rhinos 22 (Tries Dwyer, Myler, Smith. Goals Martin 5).

Referee: Liam Moore.

Attendance: 9,356.

Sun 1: Warrington Wolves (H) 7.30pm Super League round 17

Rhinos 26 (Tries Newman 2, Oledzki, Dwyer. Goals Martin 5), Warrington 27 (Tries Cooper, Austin, Charnley, Walker. Goals Ratchford 5. Drop goal Williams).

Referee: Chris Kendall.

Attendance 9,196.

Fri 6: Castleford Tigers (H) 7.45pm Super League round 18

Rhinos 18 (Tries Lui, Handley, Dwyer. Goals Martin 3), Castleford Tigers 32 (Tries Eden 2, Mata'utia, Turner, Keinhorst. Goals Richardson 6).

Referee: Ben Thaler.

Attendance: 10,383

Fri 13: Leigh Centurions (A) 8pm Super League round 19

Leigh 10 (Tries Gee 2. Goal Mullen), Rhinos 46 (Tries T Briscoe 2, Tetevano, Smith, Lui, Dwyer, Handley, Leeming. Goals Martin 7).

Referee: Robert Hicks.

Attendance: 2,818.

Thur 19 Huddersfield Giants (H) 7.45 Super League round 20

Rhinos 18 (Tries Handley, Myler, Lui. Goals Newman 2, Handley), Giants 12 (Tries Pryce, Wood, Trout).

Referee: Ben Thaler.

Attendance: 11,110.

Wed 25: Wigan Warriors (A) 7.45pm Super League round 21

Wigan 0, Rhinos 14 (Tries Dwyer, Myler. Goals Martin 3).

Referee: Robert Hicks.

Attendance: 11,390.

Mon 30: Wakefield Trinity (A) 3pm Super League round 22

Wakefield 20 (Tries Tanginoa, Crowther, Arundel. Goals Lino 3, Drop goals MIller, Hampshire), Rhinos 13 (Tries Leeming, Dwyer. Goals Martin 2. Drop goal Lui).

Referee: Chris Kendall.

Attendance: 5,420


Sat 4: Hull (Magic Weekend, at St James' Park, Newcastle) 7.30pm Super League round 23

Rhinos 25 (Tries Martin, Newman, Leeming, Broadbent. Goals Martin 4. Drop goal Leeming), Hull 24 (Tries Houghton, Tuimavave, Connor. Goals Sneyd 6). After extra-time.

Referee: Robert Hicks.

Attendance: 35,104.

Fri 10: St Helens (A) 7.45pm Super League round 24

St Helens 40 (Tries Knowles 2, Grace, Welsby, Makinson, Walmsley, Mata'utia. Goals: Coote 6), Rhinos 6 (Try Dwyer. Goal Martin).

Referee: Chris Kendall.

Attendance: 12,568.

Fri 17: Hull KR (H) 7.45pm Super League round 25

Rhinos 36 (Tries Lui, Prior, Holroyd, Myler, Donaldson, Handley. Goals Martin 6), Hull KR 12 (Tries Lewis, Dagger. Goals Abdull 2).

Referee: Chris Kendall.

Attendance: 14,106

Thur 23: Wigan Warriors (A) 7.45pm Super League elimination play-off

Wigan 0, Rhinos 8 (Try Handley. Goals Martin 2).

Referee: Robert Hicks.

Attendance: 7,396.


Fri 1: St Helens 36 (Percival 2, Grace 2, Roby, Naiqama. Goals Coote 6), Rhinos 8 (Tries Myler, L Briscoe).

Referee: Chris Kendall.

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