Castleford Tigers: Boss Powell vows to front up against Wigan

Ben Crooks.
Ben Crooks.
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CASTLEFORD TIGERS won’t take a backwards step when they face Wigan Warriors at the Jungle tonight, coach Daryl Powell has pledged.

Tigers have lost three times to Wigan this year and Powell was unhappy with some of what went on during and after the 33-26 home result at the end of May.

Wigan boss Shaun Wane gave his team a mark of “four or five out of 10” following that game and Powell admitted comments like that have ensured Tigers will be “highly motivated” tonight.

He said: “I’m hoping that the way Wigan go on a bit can bring out the best in us.

“What happened down here I wasn’t too keen on to be honest, so we need to be aggressive and we need to be mindful of what they are about and get after them.

“I don’t think we should stand for any nonsense from them and I will certainly be telling the players I don’t want us to back off from anything.

“I do use some of the things that come from Wigan as motivation.

“Some of it is a bit of nonsense, to be honest. I don’t understand some of it.

“We just get on with our own jobs. We have our own philosophy here and it differs from Wigan and I’m pretty happy about that.

“For me there’s certain clubs that do believe they are big clubs and believe they have a right to win every time they play against teams like ourselves.

“But we’re striving for us to be a team that wins things on a regular basis. Nobody’s got a divine right to do that.

“I don’t think we should see ourselves as anything other than an outstanding rugby league team and I look at us at the moment and think we’ve got something special brewing – it’s just a matter of time for me.”

Tigers began their Super-8s campaign with a shock 30-16 success at leaders Hull a week ago.

“This seven-week period we’ve got now is a period that I think is going to define us as an outstanding team for the future,” Powell predicted.

“We are always looking to make a mark on the history of the club and we haven’t quite managed to do that, we haven’t won anything yet.

“That’s what we’re after. We’re not here to be sitting around looking at the so-called big clubs, we’re after trying to be the best team in the competition.

“I look and see so many positive signs at what we’ve got here and the way we’ve handled the tough situations we’ve been in.

“That performance last week and result – with a lot of players who probably wouldn’t be in there every week if we had everybody fit – showed what we can do. Now we have to do it on a consistent basis.”

Powell will select from the 17 on duty at Hull, plus Will Maher and Ben Crooks.

Long-term casualties Liam Farrell (rib) and Anthony Gelling (pectoral muscle) are both set to return for the Warriors tonight.

Castleford Tigers: from Chase, Cook, Crooks, Dorn, Gale, Hampshire, O Holmes, Jewitt, Maher, Mariano, McShane, Millington, Milner, Minikin, Moors, Patrick, Savelio, Solomona, Springer.

Wigan Warriors: from Bateman, Charnley, Crosby, Farrell, Flower, Gelling, Isa, Manfredi, Mossop, Nuuausala, O’Loughlin, Powell, Sarginson, Smith, Sutton, Tautai, Tierney, S Tomkins, Williams

Referee: Joe Cobb (Leigh).

Kick-off: Tonight, 8pm.