Rotherham United: Danny Coid interview

Loan signing Danny Coid has no qualms about swapping the bright lights of the Premiership for League Two.

Coid is halfway through an initial one-month move from Blackpool to Rotherham United and he told Yorkshire Sport he doesn't look at it as a step down.

The Liverpool-born right-back played for the Seasiders in all three divisions of the Football League, but moved to Rotherham last month after failing to break into Ian Holloway's top-flight side.

He reckons he is pleased with the way the deal has worked out so far and – though he is still ambitious to play in the Premier League – he would consider a permanent move, if Blackpool decide he is surplus to requirements.

"I have settled in okay," said Coid. "I knew a couple of the lads before, so that made it a bit easier for me.

"I am travelling over with Danny Harrison and Kevin Ellison. I needed to get out and get some football and luckily Rotherham came in at the right time."

The Millers – whose scheduled match at Gillingham yesterday fell victim to the big freeze – have enjoyed mixed fortunes during Coid's loan stint so far.

"The first two games we played really well," he said.

"But we had a bit of a dip against Northampton at home, which was a bit hard to take. We got booed off the pitch, so it was difficult coming straight into that.

"It was from one extreme to the other, but basically I am happy with

how things have gone so far and hopefully we can get back on track."

Of the future, Coid revealed: "It is a month's loan and I have still got another two weeks left.

"I don't know when the manager is going to speak to me, but the right-back is back now, so they might send me back to Blackpool. I don't know.

"Hopefully we will talk about that sometime next week, but I was happy to come here.

"I have never said I am too good for League Two or anything like that. I am not that type of person.

"Just because I play at Blackpool doesn't mean I am a Premiership player – I haven't played in the Premiership yet.

"Luckily I have done well enough to stay at Blackpool while they progressed through the leagues. I would like to get a Premiership game, but that might not happen.

"I will never give up trying, but it is not looking good – it is just one of those things. Some managers fancy you and some don't.

"I might end up playing in League Two anyway and I don't mind if I do end up dropping a few leagues.

"I have got a family to think about and I have got to put food on the table. Everybody has got bills to pay and I'll be happy as long as I am getting by."

Coid has seen enough good players drop out of the professional ranks altogether to know he is fortunate to be in the game full-time.

"So many people can fall out of football," he said. "I know a lot of good players who haven't got a club at the moment.

"There are another 700 players at the end of every season trying to find a club, so you have got to take what you can get."

If Rotherham want him long-term and Blackpool don't, Coid would be happy to talk business.

"It would be an option," he said. "I have already thought about that. As soon as I went on loan I was thinking 'what if it goes well – what would I do then?'.

"Things like that are still going round in my head. Obviously the money has got to be right, but I am not on an awful lot of money at Blackpool.

"Having been there from a young boy, I never have been. I have suffered in that way coming through the ranks and I bet there are a few players at Rotherham who are on more than I am at Blackpool.

"I would consider it. The lads are great, I have fitted in really well. They have got behind me from day one, there has been some good banter and they've made me feel really welcome."

Even the unusual surroundings of the Don Valley Stadium haven't been a problem for Coid.

"It reminds me of when I used to play for Kirby Boys, back in Liverpool," he recalled.

"Kirby Sports Centre was exactly the same, with a track round it and a big stand.

"I am kind of used to it in a way and you just go out and play. It sometimes is a bit weird, but I will get used to it, I hope."

It would be a major bonus for the Millers if some of Coid's promotion magic could rub off on them this term.

After last year's near-miss, Coid is confident Rotherham are genuine contenders to go up at the end of the current campaign.

"There's no reason why they can't," he stated. "It is consistency which gets you promoted.

"You might win one and draw a couple, but you don't get promoted like that.

"You have got to win most of your home games and pick up the odd draw away, rather than getting beaten.

"If you get that consistency, you have got every chance. From what I have seen, there are some players here with ability who could play at a higher level.

"They are a good bunch of lads, everyone is honest enough and they are a hard-working team, so I don't see why not."

As for whether United could match Blackpool and go all the way through the divisions, Coid admitted: "To do that you have got to keep hold of your best players.

"Unless you get players in of the same standard or better, you are not going to move anywhere."