Rod licence changes on right lines for anglers

Proposals put forward last year were confirmed recently as the Environment Agency made its changes to the annual rod licence official.

Hundreds of baby chub have been released by the Environment Agency into the River Ure, a scheme funded totally through rod licence sales.
Hundreds of baby chub have been released by the Environment Agency into the River Ure, a scheme funded totally through rod licence sales.

Reading the amendments, personally I can’t find that much to complain about. The 11 per cent rise – taking the price of a full yearly licence up to £30 – is the first increase since 2010, so I think it’s more than justified.

A new format 365-day rolling licence takes over from the old 12-month April to March fixed-date licence that always seemed unfair to those that renewed mid-season but paid full price. At least now you get a full year for your money whenever you buy so it’s a massive step forward.

Specimen anglers who, in the past, have had to buy two licences to cover multiple rods have received a boost with a new three-rod licence now available at a cost of £45, which equates to £15 for the extra rod. I just wonder how long before match anglers ask why they are forced to buy the minimum two-rod licence when this part of the sport has rules that state you can only fish with one. Surely, if the price of a single rod has been fixed at £15 for others, why isn’t a single-rod licence available for those who only fish with one at a time?

I’m always for anything to get more juniors out fishing and applaud the dropping of the old £5 charge, making it free for those up to 16 years old. But to throw a spanner in the works, why make the kids apply through a post office or online for a licence that they don’t need? Wouldn’t the massive admin’ fees processing a freebie be better used providing accredited angling coaches or facilities to encourage these youngsters to stay in the sport.

Yorkshire salmon anglers seem to have taken the brunt of a £10 national increase, pushing the price up to £82.

Our season runs from April 6 to October 31, a total of 29 weeks. Most other regions’ rivers start around the beginning of February – a difference of up to eight weeks of the peak run times.

My question to the EA would be simple, why are Yorkshire game anglers paying more for a season that is up to a quarter shorter than the rest of the country?

Last month I mentioned great catches on the cards from the improving River Ouse around Linton. My predictions came true at the weekend as anglers arrived to find the level at last back to normal and air temperatures unseasonably on the rise for Leeds & District’s annual Fur and Feather.

Barnsley legend Dennis White made no mistake to win from peg 293 with the best small-fish catch of the year, bumping the scales around the dial to register 16-10.

Always known to make difficult methods look easy, White fished the 7m-deep swim with a 10m whip, 4g rig and fished to hand, swinging small dace, roach and perch until connecting with a whip-bender 2lb chub that put the finishing touches to a great day.

Making it two out of two, this time a few days later on the popular midweek open at the same venue, the Barnsley star came out on top again from 282, beating his season’s best of the weekend by one ounce to register 16-11 comprising of over 120 small roach.

White changed methods to 12m-pole and short lining after a bombardment of heavy feed showed that when the fish are in a hungry mood he is still the man to beat.



Viking Saturday Open (Hawk Pond): 1, M Smith 62-09; 2, S Bean 42-14; 3, K Sykes 27-00; 4, T Bullass 24-10.

Fryston Winter League (Viking Deer): 1, S Johnson 23-03; 2, W Netherwood 22-02; 3, P Moran 19-10; 4, S Lupton 19-05.

Angel Lakes, Open Lookout Sunday: 1, Martin Craig 64-06; 2, Malcolm Fox 48-00; 3, David Pearson 33-06.

Angel Lakes, Open Lookout Saturday: 1, Norman Laing 95-15; 2, Rob Emery 55-05; 3, Chris Pine 33-01.

Angel Lakes, Open Lookout Wednesday: 1, David Hudson 69-02; 2, Dave Pearson 36-05; 3, John Foster 29-10.

Leeds Fur & Feather Linton & Hunters: 1, Dennis White 16-10; 2, Andy Miller 11-10; 3jt, Pete Barron/ Bob Foster 10-12.

Leeds & District Midweek Linton: 1, D White Barnsley 16-11; 2, A Miller Tackle 2U 14-02; 3, A Hampson Leeds 10-09; 4, P Austin Barlby 9-13; S Haigh Anglers World Holidays 9-12.

Bradford No 1, Raskelf: 1, S Foster 10-02; 2, F Prudham7-02; 3jt, G Jackson/D Moska 6-02; 5, S Freer 4-14.

JT Winter Series, Brafferton: 1, R Richardson 33-02; 2, A Brooks 18-05; 3, S Phelan 12-06.

BSR BobCo, High Bank Lake: 1, B Rodgers 88-02; 2, S Rodgers 69-12; 3jt, M Pryke/D Wright 42-12; 4, T Rodgers Jnr 39-08.

Bait- Tech, Stainforth & Keadby Thorne: 1, J Dent 16-12; 2, B Roberts 15-12; 3, P Kitwood 12-12; 4, M Godfrey 11-01.

Kippax Park Sat Series: 1, M Dukes 45-08; 2, M Grant 38-08; 3, T Hewson 33-04.

Kippax Park, Lapwing Midweek: 1, A Broomhead 93-02; 2, M Bailey 45-04; 3, N Rymer 39-15; 4, B Rymer 39-08.

KP Winter League, Lapwing: 1, Neil Rymer 48-10; 2, Steve Raper 46-02; 3, Mal Bailey 41-07. League to Date: 1, M Bailey 4 Pts.

JT Rodgers Winter Series, Moor Monkton Pools: 1, A Middleton 45-10; 2, M Green 44-09; 3, L Smith 44-02; 4, I Brayshaw 38-12.

Moor Monkton, Wed Rover: 1, L Myers 115-00; 2, M Green 30-09; 3, J Mills 21-12.

Oaks at Sessay, Silverfish Only: 1, T Peters 36-01; 2, R Minikin 28-07; 3, C Kendal 26-05; 4, M Trattles 24-03; 5, P Whale 23-07.

Swarcliffe AC, Aldwark Bridge: 1, C Duckworth 2-15; 2, G Duckworth 1-09; 3, G Cooper 1-06.

JT Rodgers, Round 9, Brafferton: 1, M Pearson 53-12; 2, A Jackson 35-02; 3, S Pheelan 22-10.

Match Diary


Viking Saturday Open: Deer Pond, 24 pegs, £16, contact 01405 785206.

Kippax Park: Winter League from November 5 through to March, £10 entry, £20 pools, contact 07967000746.

Poppleton: Saturday Open, pools, £15, draw cafe 10am, contact Roger 01904737279.

Birkwood Farm Fisheries: Emily’s or Oscar’s, draw 8.30am, contact 01924 892251.

Woodlands: 72 pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Oaks at Sessay: 50 pegs, tickets £17, contact 01845 501321.

Langwith Lakes: 60 pegs, tickets £16, contact 01904 431874.

Moorfields Farm: 54 pegs, tickets £16, contact 07710817150.

Fleets Dam: 50 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01226 292579.

Birkwood Farm: 60 pegs, tickets £16, contact 01132 80609.

Tollerton Ponds: open match, all ages, (Kingfisher 20 pegs, Coot 18 pegs, Heron 32 pegs, contact 01347 838115.


Leeds DASA: Moor Monkton Pools, Winter League, from November 13 through to March, £10 entry, pools £20, contact 07967000746.

Leeds & Liverpool: Kirkstall, contact Roger Movley 01132 772215.

Listerhills: Leeds & Liverpool Canal, contact Eddie Harrison 07518721051.

Woodlands: 72 pegs, tickets £18.00, contact 01845 520110

Oaks at Sessay: 50 Pegs, tickets £17, contact 01845 501321.

Langwith Lakes: 60 pegs, tickets £16, contact 01904 431874.

Oak Tree Leisure: 50 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01347 810686.

Poppleton: Sunday Open, 50 pegs, draw 11am Cafe, contact 07425 146677.


Woodlands: Over-50s, 30 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01845 520110.

Langwith Lakes: Over-60s, 30 pegs, tickets £10, contact 01904 431874.

Tollerton Ponds: Over-50s, tickets £16, contact 01347 838115.


Kippax Park: Over-50s, draw 10am, tickets £10, contact 07967000746.


Leeds & District: Moor Monkton Pools, draw 10am, contact 07967000746.

Birkwood Farm Fisheries: Emily’s or Oscar’s, draw 8.30am, contact 01924 892251.

Woodlands: 72 pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Fleets Dam: 50 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01226 292579.

Tollerton Ponds: open match, all ages, contact 01347 838115.