Josh Warrington: No stone left unturned in pursuit of successful title defence No 3

Josh Warrington in training.
Josh Warrington in training.
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Next month I will be facing France’s Sofiane Takoucht and when I win – positive mindset and all that – I will be going into territory I never thought I would be in.

This will be my 10th fight at the Leeds Arena and a win will take my professional record to 30-0.

Josh Warrington and his next opponent Sofiane Takoucht.

Josh Warrington and his next opponent Sofiane Takoucht.

All I wanted to do when I turned professional – and I realise I might have said this thousands of times already was win a British title and fight in the Leeds Arena once.

When I used to watch boxing on TV; the big box-office fights, the big crowds and the big arenas, I used to dream of being part of it.

But you never think it’s going to happen. Everything that goes on with the press conferences, the weigh-ins and fight-night itself; you can only enjoy it because it doesn’t last forever.

My training camp has been going really well. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it is a lot better than the last camp.

Josh Warrington in training.

Josh Warrington in training.

I just think that with my fights against Lee Selby and Carl Frampton I was the underdog and my back was against the wall.

It meant that the training was very, very intense because we knew how tough the challenge ahead was and everyone was very focused.

Against Kid Galahad in June, I wouldn’t say we overlooked him because you can never do that and we wouldn’t be daft enough to do that.

But, I think we just got a little bit lackadaisical with the way we trained but when you compare how am I now, to how I was then; I don’t think I worked on my gameplan hard enough.

Josh Warrington.

Josh Warrington.

This time round, my training has been absolutely solid and very, very meticulous.

Last time, we were stopping sessions short so we could be flexible for interviews and promos and whatnot.

But this time we have been really, really strict and putting the training first. And it is paying dividends. Where I am at this far out; I could fight tomorrow.

I know a lot of people say that but my sharpness is there, the timing is there and the strength and fitness is there.

When I look back at the Galahad fight I know things could have been a lot better. But I have been ironing out all the mistakes and making sure I am the very, very best not just physically but mentally as well. Make no mistake, Takoucht will be another tough opponent but he has been beaten three times so we know there is a method to win the fight.

When we first got the rumour that the fight was going to be made, there was quite a bit of footage out there for us to review and see what his strengths and weaknesses were. But as soon as the fight was made official, the footage was taken down, but we had already seen what we needed to. He has never been stopped and he has been in with some big punchers and he has had some impressive wins.

He is a southpaw and a lot of orthodox fighters don’t like to fight southpaws because they are awkward.

But he seems to take away from that southpaw advantage in the way that he approaches the fights and comes forward.

We have been working on quite a few things on how to approach the fight whether that be defensively or going on the front foot ourselves.

Everything seems to be working, in the sense that what we have been working on is coming off and is like second nature at the moment.

By the time the fight comes around, I will be adaptable to whatever he brings.

This time round, all I am doing is focusing on the next man in front of me as last time I was too worried about what would come next.

I am not looking beyond this fight because, right now, none of that is really interesting me.

I am not letting what could come along afterwards take my eye off the ball I am just focusing on Sofiane Takoucht.

That is the focus and ultimately I have got to beat him. If I don’t beat him, I will lose my world title.

If that happens, then my dream of unifying the division and going on and winning another world title ends there.


Tickets for the fight are available from the First Direct Arena. Call, 0844 248 1585 or visit and Prices: £40, £50, £75, £100, £150, £200, £350 – Inner Ring Hospitality.