Angling: Restocked and upgraded Yeadon water fast-becoming the ‘talk o’ the Tarn’

The recent icy blasts and severe frosts made short work of reducing normally reliable fisheries into biteless waste lands and saw local match weights plummet as low as night-time temperatures.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 6:38 am
PLENTY TO CARP ON ABOUT: Fishery bosses Steve Chapman and James Bradburn show the quality of carp that will be the future of Yeadon Tarn. PIC: Steve Fearnley

Though quick falls in water temperature can be the trigger to stop most fish from feeding, it has its upside in that the colder oxygen-rich waters are now perfect for the season’s annual re-stocking programmes of most fishery owners and local clubs.

As part of the fisheries management team at Knotford Lagoon and possible through the aid of Leeds & District’s financial clout for the stocking and running of the fishery, I understand the stress and responsibility of providing a sporting venue for members or customers that can sometimes seem hard to please.

It is with this background I have to mention and admire the efforts of two local businessmen and carp fanatics who have transformed a local park water into what is now the talk of northern England.

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James Bradburn and Steve Chapman secured the lease of Yeadon Tarn 10 months ago with a vision to provide a winter carp fishery able to offer runs through the harshest of the Yorkshire weather.

Their first spring-and-summer catch reports have been nothing short of exceptional and recent cold-water carp captures to over 20lb show the fishery is way ahead of even the most optimistic target. Extensive stocking of hand-picked carp at a cost of tens of thousands – all self-funded by the pair – show they aim to be around for a long time. Looking at some of this year’s fish, their contacts have done them proud.

Over 300 carp from four different bloodlines have been stocked with six wallet-emptying fish up to 26-08 showing their commitment – and deep pockets. All the fish are protected with state-of-the-art microchip technology. The carp community is lucky to have this fishery and should back the venture. Without Chapman’s and Bradburn’s foresight and hard graft, this fishery would have gone the same way as countless others and been lost to angling forever.

Day tickets are available and an online booking system will make for a busy 2020. Anyone fancying a go before that should ensure they have a supply of the Lake Pellet and SC Pro Nut or Spicy Fish Boilies as most of the recent multiple catches seem to be falling to these baits.

Though the warm-water-loving carp are still feeding on a freezing Tarn, local river-match catches have hit a season’s low with Leeds & District’s annual Fur and Feather needing only a level 5-0 to win. Former Ouse champion Ricky Bonas took the spoils with a single bream from Bungalows 220.

Darryl Taylor (Knaresborough) took the second of the season’s midweek flyers at Linton-on-Ouse with an all-dace-and-roach catch of 6-13 from 254. John Lastikowski was second with a similar catch of 5-03.


Leeds Fur & Feather, River Ouse: 1, R Bonas 5.00; 2, N Chaffer 2-11; 3, A Bradley 2-07; 4, I Bowman 1-11.

Midweek Flier, Linton-on-Ouse: 1, D Taylor 6-13; 2, J Lastikowski 5-03; 3, D White 4-04; 4 D Miles 3-09.

Wednesday Open, Linton-on-Ouse: 1, Arthur Benstead 9-12; 2, Andy Hampson 7-05; 3, Dave Miles 1-12.

Oaks at Sessay, Silver Fish Only: 1, Mark Calvert 19-06; 2, Dave Bassnett 18-07; 3, Chris Hall 18-01; 4, Rob Minikin 17-15; 5, Karl Heptonstall 17-06.

Moor Monkton Pools, Sunday Winter League, All Pools: 1, Mark Wade 101-15; 2, Lee Smith 79-07; 3, Ben Fisk 69-02; 4, Andy Hornsby 60-02.

Moor Monkton Pools, Wednesday Rover, All Pools: 1, Mick Green 56-10; 2, Andy Hornsby 47-14; 3, Ben Fisk 43-07.

Moor Monkton Pools, Sunday Winter League, Front and Cyprio: 1, Chris Watson 21-15; 2, Ash Bull 19-14; 3, Martin Dodsworth 19-13; 4, Ben Fisk 19-06.

Moor Monkton Pools, Wednesday Rover, All Pools: 1, Mick Green 92-03; 2, Adrian Broomhead 136-03; 3, Mick Hare 11-07.

Kippax Park Fishery, Saturday Open, Osprey: 1, Paul Kidd 31-14; 2, Steve Pearson 25-04; 3, Andy Middleton 18-09.

Kippax Park Fishery, Tuesday Open, Osprey: 1, Steve Holmes 53-06; 2, Steve Pearson 47-09; 3, John Brogden 43-10; 4, Richard Thomas 39-14.

Kippax Park Fishery, Tuesday Open, Osprey: 1, Tony Hewson 36-09; 2, John Brogden 30-07; 3, Steff Armitage 16-11.

Bradford No1 AA, Raskelf Winter Series: 1, James Vickerman 26-04; 2, Dawid Moska 25-07.

Viking Saturday Open (Hawk): 1, T Moran 70-15; 2, R Green 32-05; 3, M Jukes 29-10.

Spring Close Old Boys (Viking Hawk): 1, J Fisher 90-15; 2, 3 D Turner 60-07; 3, P Foster 36-01.

Fryston Winter League (Viking Fox): 1, S Lupton 34-09; 2, J Vause 22-03; 3, S Varley 21-02.

Angel Lakes, Saturday Winter League Bowes: 1, Alan McGuire 113-02; 2, Richard Metcalf 86-14; Section 1, Chris Owers 62-11; Section 2, Steve Kean 74-12; Section 3, L Downes 23-09.

Angel Lakes, Wednesday Open Bowes: 1, John Foster 197-00; 2, Dave Hudson 126-10; 3, Rob Emery 87-05.

Match Diary


Kippax Park: Saturday Open, Lapwing or Osprey, contact 07967000746.

Poppleton: Saturday Open, pools £15, draw cafe 10am, contact Roger 01904737279.

Birkwood Farm Fisheries: Emily’s or Oscar’s, draw 8.30am, contact 01924 892251.

Woodlands: 72 pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Oaks: at Sessay, 50 pegs, tickets £17, contact 01845 501321.

Langwith Lakes: 60 pegs, tickets £16, contact 01904 431874.

Moorfields Farm: 54 pegs, tickets £16, contact 07710817150.

Fleets Dam: 50 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01226 292579.

Birkwood Farm: 60 pegs, tickets £16, contact 01132 80609.

Viking: Saturday Open, Deer Pond, 24 pegs, £18, contact 01405 785206.

Tollerton Ponds: open match all ages, (Kingfisher 20 pegs, Coot 18 pegs, Heron 32 pegs), contact 01347 838115.

Kippax Park: Winter Series, Osprey Lake only, contact Stan 0796700046.


York & District: Open Matches, River Ouse, contact Mick Potter 07890870551.

Leeds & Liverpool: Kirkstall, contact Roger Movley 01132 772215.

Listerhills: Leeds & Liverpool Canal, contact Eddie Harrison 07518721051.

Woodlands: 72 pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Oaks: at Sessay, 50 pegs, tickets £17, contact 01845 501321.

Langwith Lakes: 60 pegs, tickets £16, contact 01904 431874.

Oak Tree Leisure: 50 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01347 810686.

Poppleton: Sunday Open, 50 pegs, draw 11am Cafe, contact 07425 146677.


Woodlands: over-50s, 30 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01845 520110.

Langwith Lakes: over-60s, 30 pegs, tickets £10, contact 01904 431874.

Tollerton Ponds: over-50s, tickets £16, contact 01347 838115.


Kippax Park: draw 10am, tickets £10, contact 07967000746.


Leeds & District: Moor Monkton Pools, draw 10 am, contact 07967000746.

Birkwood Farm Fisheries: Emily’s or Oscar’s, draw 8.30am, contact 01924 892251.

Woodlands: 72 pegs, tickets £18, contact 01845 520110.

Fleets Dam: 50 pegs, tickets £15, contact 01226 292579.

Tollerton Ponds: open match, all ages, contact 01347 838115.


Poppleton Lakes: Thursday, draw car park 5pm, pools £11, contact Roger 01904 737279.