Morrison: Wakefield Wildcats can prove the doubters wrong

Captain Glenn Morrison is acting as a link between Wakefield Trinity Wildcats' players and the crisis club's board.

Aussie Morrison revealed that club officials have been keeping the squad fully in touch with developments off the field in the face of financial problems which have thrown Wildcats' future into doubt.

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The club is preparing for a High Court hearing on February 2 after HM Revenue and Customs served a winding up petition over unpaid VAT and national insurance.

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That has cast a shadow over preparations for Wildcats' opening engage Super League fixture against Castleford Tigers on February 12, but Morrison insisted the team are only focusing on what they can control.

Said the skipper: "I spoke to the players about it on Monday and I've said we can't worry about it.

"It is not in our hands so we've got to just do our job, which is training well and playing well and preparing for our first game against Cas.

"I'm sure the people involved will sort things out. That's their job, so we'll let them do their job and we'll do ours."

Morrison confirmed that Wildcats' players have been paid and kept informed of the situation at the club.

"As a captain I am that mid-point," he said. "I am making sure that if people have got questions I will go and speak to the club and they have been pretty open, keeping the players informed and onside.

"There's nothing we can do about it, we have just got to keep preparing for the first round."

According to Morrison, morale in the camp is high, despite the recent turmoil.

He said: "We have had a lot of young boys come in from successful clubs and they have brought that winning culture with them.

"They've brought a lot of enthusiasm, there has been a lot of joking around and everyone has enjoyed pre-season.

"It has been tough, but we have all enjoyed ourselves and we are ready

to go. We are improving and hopefully we can keep doing that."

Adversity often brings the best out of people and Morrison feels that could be the case at Wildcats this year.

"A lot of people have written us off already," he conceded. "They are saying that we aren't going to be here next week!

"But we are close-knit, we are ready to go and we want to prove a lot of people wrong. We want to improve on what we did last year and if we can do that I am sure we'll be around come the back end of the season.

"We can surprise some people this year. We have got a lot of young boys in the squad who people don't know and they are standing up. If they can play the way they have been training, we have a lot stronger squad than people give us credit for.

"We haven't got the big names, but we have got people who want to play for the shirt and for each other and that's half the battle."

As newly-installed captain, Morrison must wonder what he has got himself into, but he insisted he is enjoying the role.

"It is easy with the bunch of boys we have got, I haven't had to do too much," he stated.

"I want to hopefully lead from the front and have the boys following and have a good season.

"It is the last season at Belle Vue and we want to leave this place on a good note.

"It's my role to keep the morale up and keep everyone happy and on the

right path."

Carlos Corberan.

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