Leeds United: Too early to think about going up - Ormsby

Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan, starting with QPR at home today, how important is this upcoming Festive period? Surely a few good results and we can call ourselves automatic promotion contenders?

Gary Long, Leeds

They used to say that Christmas time would either make or break your season, one way or the other.

Everyone who has been involved says that as there are always plenty of games though I think there is a bit more of a lay-off this year because of the way Christmas falls.

They play on the 26th and then the 28th and there is a break until the New Year.

But I think this is an important period coming up now and they have got a big game against QPR.

If they get three points out of that they can head to the Portsmouth game and they have got a lot of troubles going on, on and off the pitch.


Confidence should be sky high anyway so regarding the Christmas period, Leeds should be looking forward to it

They should certainly be confident and after winning at Burnley after going 2-0 down, if they can't be confident after that then I don't know when they will be.

We are nicely in the play-off places at the moment and if they can keep it going for the next few games at least then it gets into the new year in a good position.

At the start of the season I would have been happy with a mid-table finish to start with back in the Championship the first season back.

I would think it would have be the same with most Leeds supporters – I know a lot of them expect promotion straight away – but I think a lot of them would have been happy with a mid-table to top-half finish.

If results can fall our way over the Christmas period to keep them up there – like on Saturday – then I think people will start believing there is a chance of an automatic spot there.

But I don't think Simon Grayson and the lads should be getting carried away.

I wouldn't get too excited about it either and it's the old adage where they've got to take each game as it comes, that's all they can do.

But this league is so close at the moment. Look at Cardiff – they hammered us a few weeks ago but since then they've had nightmare run whereas we have gone the opposite way.

Then there's QPR. They are one of the richest clubs in the world now aren't they?

But then they got hammered the other night by Watford.

They are not unbeatable, as Watford proved and while you have to give them the respect they deserve because they are top of the table, I just think we have got to be positive and I think we can beat them.

Everyone is capable of beating anyone and everything is going okay at the moment, but Simon also has to rely on not having injuries and suspensions and having the players that he wants for at least another month.

If we can try and keep the same team and not be forced into making changes then I would think he would be optimistic, without getting carried away saying or thinking we are going to get automatic promotion.

The team just want to take each games as it comes and try and get three points from each match.


Hello Brendan,

How did you find playing at Christmas when you were a pro? Did it get on your nerves?

Jack, Rodley

I used to love the Christmas period as the games come up thick and fast – you play a game and then get a day or two's days' rest and then you play again.

You don't train, you just play!

We used to love it, yes you miss your Christmas and new year's festivities but you get them later on in life.

I've been in hotels over the Christmas and new year period and especially the new year one – I was at a hotel once where the Sottish piper came in at midnight with a kilt, full bagpipes and everything else.


But you can't celebrate it in that sense, everybody else in the hotel is drinking and celebrating the new year coming in but we in our bedrooms.

But that's part of football and part of life and I'm getting enough of it now since I packed football!

You get enough of it when you finish.

At Christmas you can't really have a drink as a player and while this year they will have two days off because of the way it falls, they can't think to hell with it I'll have a drink, they've got to disciplined and the manager has got to be able to trust them enough that they are not starting to have a few beers because it will affect their performance.

It's just something you have to put up with and I know people moan and say poor boys but that's rubbish.

They have a great life anyway, they play nine months a season and then have three off in the summer, they get well paid for it and it's something everybody else would love to be doing.

Yes you have got to Christmas and new year but when you have finished you can enjoy all that with your family and friends.


Brendan, what do you make to the Carlos Tevez behaviour with him saying he wants to go back home to Argentina? Will he stay or won't he?

Tony T, Tinshill

I'd just tell him to shove off.

It's like someone else said and the players who have got the power back now in football and it's the tail wagging the dog.

Tevez is on over two hundred grand a week or whatever it is on his contract, but regardless of that he is always going to be the highest paid player anyway.

He's not struggling for money and he says he is worried about and missing his family but if he's that bothered, get them over here. It's not like he can't afford to fly them over or get them a place over here or anything like that.

I'd tell him to shove off because if he doesn't want to play for the team he's going to be a bad influence on the rest of them.

Mario Balotelli is another loose cannon and he's going to cause a lot of problems, he's only a 21-year-old and he's already moaning about this and that.

Tevez threw a tantrum the other week when Roberto Mancini substituted him and it's like they think they are too good to be taken off.

At the end of the day if someone doesn't want to play for your team then get rid of them.

Eddie Gray.

Leeds United legend Eddie Gray was given new lease of life by Jimmy Armfield